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Hi Augi, I agree that the best thing for everyone would be to try to cycle out of the "China-Fire" engines.
Grube is not a fun guy to deal with, and in my opinion disloyal to boot. I did much to help him after his split with Steve Miller (Steve of SpitFire was the first to back-door him at the factory, after first having ordered all the spare parts that Don had, Steve never discussed with Don what he was up to, just never ordered another engine.) Grube is, however the prime contact in China.

A friend of mine and I have discussed our own line of bicycle engine kits, I am a licensed Importer, and can bring anything legal from any couintry. I would probably stay with China for the tanks, as I don't have a taiwan source for tanks, and they can be very expensive sourced from non-thirdworld nations.

If we did create a line of kits they would be less that 2hp, and NOT assembeled in the same box from any chinese factory, as those stinking Chinamen cannot be trusted, and I would not want my product backdoored and all over ebay. Our current problem with creating a kit, is we want to mid-frame mount, and want it to look like a mottorcycle engine, and basicly there are none. The current gearboxes apparently are all bunk except Staton, and his is expensive.

I'll try to get a shot of thet wheel today, and am interested in wheather they still make the Industrial line.

If we are going to attract the Whizzer, and other upper line types here to this board, there will need to be no continuing "utter cheapness" discussed, and I'm sure you know who those people are. I have not sent my local customers to this board, as it would result in too much business loss, or niggling on prices, and I got to make a living, and part of it is my bike business.

Maybe 3 catagories is good, but how will we isolate the higher-end customer from the "cheap chatter" which is counter productive, and will be boring to them?