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    Okay, I have a couple new ideas for a new build. Everything I want is going take a lot of effort but I want this bike to be completely custom. I sold my last motorized bicycle because someone needed it for transportation and I didn't like the bike the motor was on anyways. I was thinking of getting a retro style bike, wandering if the goodwill would have an old one that looks like a Schwinn Phantom, or possibly one of the newer Schwinn classic cruiser sold on their site. The only thing is, I can't think of any retro cruiser bike that has a derailleur, and that is the biggest thing. I want to get the shifter kit from SBP for my next build, and I am worried I can't put these two things together. I have considered the internal hub things, but I am used to derailleurs and they seem better to me. If anyone has any ideas tell me. I want to modify the seat into a banana seat and possibly make it a two seater! I figure the gears will help ease the strain off the engine.

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    Those are nice, but I thought a 7 speed wasn't feasible because it needed the 3 front sprockets for the kit. I have so many crazy ideas for this bike. If I can get everything to work I will save up and do it. I am considering a MTB frame with cruiser handlebars. I want to make a custom bench seat by welding some support bars to the back of the frame and making the seat go from the top of the frame all the way to the top of the back tire! I think this would be so neat, cause it would be like a small motorcycle and with the 70cc (or possibly a pocketbike engine, I need torque!) and the SPB shifter kit, it should have plenty of power to haul me and my girlfriend (we are pretty light). My next idea is to create a collapseable pedal that is 180 degrees from the standard one, and retractable lock so that when I crank the engine I can pull out the second pedal, lock them in place, and both of us will have a steady place to put our feet!
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