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  1. I did a 10 mile tour of my city Beverly, Ma on the friction drive MadWagon. I was testing out a new friction drive- covered in JB Weld and Sand. And it worked quite well.

    Some more pics

    Pics of various places around town and last one is of teh Drive roller after 10 miles on ti today and 3 the other day- a total of 13 miles. I only filled in the divots on it, I'm planning on going back and covering the whole things now, it works so well! It's a 1 in BMX peg made of some alloy with divots in the center that allow you to put it on the bike. Those are filled now, and JB Weld and sand is a great thing

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    Looks like you have some nice places to ride. Any idea about the longevity of the JB Weld?
  3. 20.5 mile in

    I've got 20 miles on it thus far. I'm declaring it a success.

    First pic is with 3 miles, 2nd 8 miles, next 13 miles, next 15, and finally 20.5

    I don't see much of a difference in the jb weld. I do notice a difference in the tire- sees like there is more wear, but then I've not ever put 17 miles on the bike in a single day.

    Tires are cheap- I'd rather have good contact and grip and have to put new tires on every so often. I've got a spare it was $10. Cruising around at 15mph- priceless.

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    Thanks. I'm not concerned about tire wear either. They can be easily replaced. Cool.
  5. one thing I did notice though- the road grime and tire pieces make braking a little more difficult- so little semi brake cleaning squeezes here and there are good. I'll probably invest in a good pair of mountain bike pads designed to slough off mud.