more Marine's killed on 2-wheels than in war

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  1. Mountainman

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    yes it was on the local news here last night -- San Diego

    ((more)) Marine's have been killed on 2-wheels -- motor cycles ((than in the war))

    as we know anything with two wheels and a motor -- even sometimes without motor
    can be very harmful to our health
    yes I am one who almost died on a motor cycle also -- years ago now

    they are making the Marine's that wish to ride 2-wheels with motor
    take an extensive 2-wheels safty course

    may save a few -- it's a good thing

    to ride that thing and live through it...

  2. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    a lot of times these guys are first time riders on two wheels with motors

    just a note for first time owners -- riders of any two wheels with motor

    be careful please as you ride that motor bike THING
  3. augidog

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    when in the navy (mid 70's) i recall there was a brisk trade in used motorcycles, mostly's a good way to get around without the hassle of keeping an auto, and if you're transferred it's easy to sell the bike to a new arrival...who also might very well be a new rider. i was one such noob, and within weeks the left side of the bike was all scratched up because i didn't have the skills to evade and had to lay it down instead.

    luck was on my side that day...i had no idea how many unlucky (or unskilled) 2-wheeled soldiers there were out there.
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  4. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    thank you for your service augidog

    yes I think that it's pretty sad

    that more of our soldiers have been killed with the two wheel with motor

    than in the Iraq war -- same time period...

    probably as you also did back then
    just looking for a fun way to get around without a lot of cost

    as we know it's a good THING that the Marines are forcing their people

    our people

    to take a two wheel safty course before riding

    many so many seem to like to ride those two wheel THINGS
  5. Zev0

    Zev0 Member

    I have been in 2 2-wheel accidents. Neither of them was my fault. Neither of them was unavoidable no matter how much skill or how many hours of instruction you've had. MM, I, like you, could have easily died in either one of them. But the last one, just 2 weeks ago has really got me quite incapacitated. Couple of cracked ribs and joint soreness all over. Sheesh, I'm 65 and don't need all this carp.
  6. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    I know that this sounds kind of weak Zev0

    I know that this sounds kind of weak Zev0
    but I am glad that it wasn't worse for you in the last accident

    yes usually it's not our fault
    doesn't help us much if we are killed by another

    I have seen both sides of the two wheel accidents now
    at times I acted crazy and crashed due just to my behavior -- head stitched back on
    then other times the fools ran me off the road

    this safty course can still save lives in many ways
    I am sure that they also teach them to watch for other drivers
    along with safe speed, handleing curves and so many other THINGS required

    I understand that you are not feeling well at all
    at our age recovery is no fun
    seems like we hurt forever at times

    do hope that you are well soon --------------------------- MM
  7. SimpleSimon

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    Quite frankly, our motor vehicle operating licensing procedures in this country are ridiculous. I know it is heresy to most, but I think getting a drivers license ought to be a much more involved process than it is in most jurisdictions, requiring defensive driving training and operator awareness training.

    Motorcycle licensing ought to be even more stringent, IMO. Not because motorcyclists are more dangerous - in fact, as a group, they are generally much safer operators than most other non-professional drivers. More as a matter of practicality, really. In any given minor accident between two cages, odds are that no one gets hurt significantly. Even minor accidents (in property terms) between 4-wheelers and two-wheelers very frequently result in injury to the biker.

    I really don't think it is the governments business to protect me from my own choices, but it IS the governments business to protect public resources and reduce costs. Every accident avoided means one less ambulance/emergency services call-out, less demand on emergency personnel, etcetera.

    So, I favor helmet laws. I favor lighting/reflector/signalling requirements. I also advocate mandatory safe operating training. Make it significantly difficult to pass the written test, and require a MUCH more extensive driven exam - both only available for the taking after presentation of a certificate showing completion of a safe driving course.
  8. loquin

    loquin Active Member

    Zev, I'm sorry to hear about your accident, and I hope your recovery goes smoothly. I haven't had an accident, (yet,) but I know it's probably just a matter of time. So, the helmet stays on, and I wear clothes that put at least one layer between me and the pavement.
  9. staying alive section on the forum ??

    We should have a section to discuss the topic of staying alive while continuing to enjoy riding our bikes. I would happy to post my fair share of ideas.
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    good idea Brent

    good idea Brent
    maybe someTHING like

    Staying Alive On That Motor Bike !!!

    why don't you go for it -- new thread -- started by you ???

    being the Mountainman I would call it

    Riding That Motor Bike THING And Keeping All Body Parts Intact !!!

    your's sounds better

    ride that THING
  11. Suouldnt it be a heading in the forum jump below?

    I think one of the moderators or someone who can chane the headings in the forum jump list needes to chime in. ANY TAKERS???
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    thought maybe you wished to start a new thread ??

    thought maybe you wished to start a new thread ??

    this ones doing fine right here -- simple message -- simple thread

    ride those MB things