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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by BAZZA614, Apr 20, 2013.

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    Hi everyone, I was riding my motorised bike the other day and when I went up a hill about half way up I noticed that I got a shot of power out of no where and went back to normal after 4 seconds. It happened again going up the same hill another 2 times. what could this be and why? Thanks in advance.

  2. darwin

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    Me thinks a higher power is trying to tell you something.............maybe you have a carb that needs adjusting or a part time air leak. Something is off just a lil bit. You said it only happens going up a hill. Is your tank and fuel lines all in order? Its gotta be something simple. Double check everything.
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  3. BAZZA614

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    My fuel tank and fuel line is in good order. How do you adjust the carby?
  4. wheelbender6

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    On the two strokes, you can raise or lower the clip on the needle attached to the end of the throttle cable. I have not experimented with it, so I can't tell you whether you need to go up or down with it.
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    Dont quote me on this, however I believe reading on a similiar forum. "move the needle up (increases)", "move the needle down (decrease)".
  6. crassius

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    sounds like you're normally 4-stroking a bit and broke into 2-stroke mode going up the hill - if dropping the needle to a leaner setting or lowering the float level a bit doesn't get you into a leaner condition all the time, then you'll need to look into getting a smaller main jet

    (for the adventurous, drilling a tiny little hole in the manifold might do it :)
  7. wheelbender6

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    Is you carb mounted with the float bowl level? It could be that your float bowl becomes level when climbing hills and gives you that boost. At any rate, members have compensated for un-level float bowls by adjusting the needle height. as discussed above. I believe that needle setting determines float height.
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    your clutch is slipping
  9. BAZZA614

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    i adjusted the clip on the needle up one and as been running great ever since. thanks for all the replys