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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by tankaray, May 21, 2009.

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    So Ive had my bike for about a month now and have found it is an ongoing project. Im learning alot and have figured out alot of my problems on my own with a little help from all of the nice people on this forum. Thanks all. Any how my current problem is that I am not getting full power and its like the bike choses when it wants to run full bore. So to describe it. I will start the bike and warm it up for a minute or so. Then I will ride it light and warm it up a little more for the first few blocks of my ride. When I hammer on it sometimes it opens wide and some times it makes a lower tone sound out of the exhaust and will only go about 15mph. When it opens up randomly I can reach about 30-33. I want the throtle to be more responsive. I have played with the idle screw and have it right where it sounds healthy. the gas is 30:1 which is what the bike directions call for. I am stumped as to why it only opens up when it wants to. any suggestions? The bike is fairly new and broken in too. Thats all the info I can think of right now. Any suggestions would be much appreciated thanks

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    I dont know why but it seems it takes a good 15 mins at least for mine to start really ripping, i dont know why because it doesnt take that long to warm up, but thats just what it does.

    30:1? that may be part of the reason.

    Your choke staying closed? For some reason lately my choke is going opening (well, technically it would be closing) so i had to tape the choke arm to prevent that. the air must be going by fast enough it sucks it shut,
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    Take your air cleaner off and tighten the nut on the choke pivot

    Maybe use a little loctite

    This is a common problem

    Absolutely nothing to do with his problem
    I recommend 32 : 1 on a broken in motor ( 4 oz oil to a gallon)

    My Grubee 2 strokes run strong and hard cold right out of the box
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    I have a 4 stroker so no experience with an HT but with 2 stroke lawn equipment I use those lil packages of 2 stroke oil that mixes exactly with 2 gal of gas and my gas can holds just 2 gal so theres no room for guessing just mix n pour. Thats my way to avoid saying OOPS.
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    rich enough ??

    usually the mix with one gallon of gas ??

    don't think those are rich enough for the Happy Times ??

    auto stores have the marked containers so as to get proper mix
    got one there the other day -- a big suringe THING
    didn't care for the design that much -- kind of makes a mess -- but it works accurate

    the one befor that was a plastic cup type with measuring marks
    bought from a motor cycle shop -- the simple and the best

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  6. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Those lil packages of 2 stroke oil are for 40:1 and 50:1 2 stroke
    engines not Chinese 66 cc 2 strokes which should not run that low of a ratio

    Maybe you should stay out of this thread and go back to smilie abuse in the chatbox? :jester: :devilish:

    There is enough confusion about this as it is without you adding to it :whistling:
  7. Pablo

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    30:1 is fine.

    The stock generic low cost HT engine is pretty gutless. Without matching the ports to the manifolds, without an expansion chamber, without jetting the carb (amazingly the main jet will need to be a bit smaller ie leaner), without sealing the intake side, without increasing the compression ratio, without a proper plug and wire they just won't pull hard.

    Search the board for the above topics. They have been covered many times. None of the items are really that tough, just a little bit time consuming (FUN IMHO!) and a few bucks.
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    The fact that it spins up well as you run out of gas is to me a clear indication that the engine is running way too rich. Mine was super rich right out of the box and I had to do quite some work to get leaned out sufficiently.

    A properly tuned two stroke should do just that...two stroke.... and NOT four stroke. This is what is occurring as you describe it. I have mine tuned now to where it NEVER four strokes and spins up to top speed quite nicely.

    See previous post by me for reasonable details on my findings.
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    great thanks :cool:
  10. Shadeslay

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    For mixing I use a baby bottle, has all the measurements and they are cheap.
  11. Junster

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    I use a baby bottle too. Works great.
  12. tankaray

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    I have not had any luck getting my bike to accelorate better. If anything its getting worse. I tried adjusting the pin in the carb nothing has helped or made a difference. I am just ready to toss my bike in a dumpster. I havent tried jetting the carb yet but that seems abit too complicated. Not sure what to do at this point I dont know if its running rich or lean. It still gets going then makes a bogged out bahhh noise not the high pitched whaaaa. For awile it was working better. It would run for five or ten minutes and then run wide open much better. Now it just always bogs out. Any Ideas beside taking it to my local motorcycle shop. Im running out of things to tinker with and Im mechanical but definatley not a mechanic.
  13. Junster

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    There are alot of things that could be wrong. Check the plug for the "read". Whiteish is lean, black is rich, brown is good. Try it with the choke about half on and see what that does. If it's worse you know it's to much gas. If it's better it's probably a air leak. Try turning the idle way up then spray some wd-40 around the carb mount, intake flange, around the head and around the cylinder base. See of the rpm's jump or you see bubbles. The needle settings only affect the mid throttle and idle. If none of that helps take the carb off remove the bowl. Turn it upside down and bend/set the float tabs so it looks level. Using a piece of fuel line turn it right side up and blow thru the fuel nipple and lift the float with your finger to see if it closes so you can't blow thru it. Remove the slide while the bowl is off and look thru the jet in the middle make sure it's not clogged. Good luck man
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  14. pdxrhett

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    try tinkering with the mixture screw. only do 1/4 turns tho. it is hard to do if your motor vibrates a lot though
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    Hate to say it but, There is no mixture screw on the stock carb. The screw on the left side of the carb is a slide stop. (keeps the slide from dropping down to far, so you can maintain a constant idle at full throttle off) The only way to change mixture is to change needle height (Raise the needle to rich-en or lower to lean it out) Or change jet size.If you change jet size, you might have to change needle height also, to get the performance you like.
  16. Junster

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    Tankaray, How's it going? What did the plug look like?
  17. tankaray

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    I had to seperate myself from the bike for the weekend. I wa getting too upset over it always breaking down somehow. So today I have taken the plug out and examined it. It was black and brown. The outer ring is black and the two spark points look brown. Im still leaning towards too rich. I am gonna adjust the needle to the lean out setting and try to re check the gap on my plug. It has to be getting too much fuel. It leaks out of the float when I park it usually right after riding. Thats my update will try to check for air leaks today as well. Im starting to wonder if rejetting is what must be done. But then again this thing should work its only a month old.
  18. tankaray

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    It is absolutley getting way too much gas. Gas drips out of the float when I come to a stop. I am gonna try and bend the float stop down a bit and see if this helps. It runs fine it is just getting flooded and cant burn all the gas going through it. I cant see what else it could be.
  19. danlandberg

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    If your at a high altitude you will need to move the clip up a notch (away from the pointy end) This will give you more air to fuel mixture. That is what I had to do, I'm at 5500 feet above sea level.
  20. Pablo

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    I agree, and start thinking about a smaller main jet.