More progress

Well slowly but surely the thing is coming together. I did not like the seat (1st pic) position so I tried a laid back post. This made the seat too high. Off to Lowe's to get some pipe from the plumbing section(Lowe's sells more bike parts than you think) Now the seat is in a great location and it kind looks like it's floating.(pic 2) Next was the brakes. 2 into 1 lever and install the brakes. Still need to be balanced. They were squealing when I went for a ride yesterday.

Also added a a double kick stand . Big Difference. I will be ordereing my motor mid September. So my focus is on getting the bike right, before I install the motor

thanks for Looking


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Thanks to both ZevO and Rain City for the encouraging remarks!
I'll post more as I make more progress

Seat post

Actually the seat post is very strong. I can stand on the seat with all 165 lbs and it has not moved. It is 1/2' steel welded at the joints.

thanks for your input