More to life than science understands

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    I don't understand how this can be, but can someone help explain it.
    Simple Simon has expressed his views that there is no god or afterlife; that we just exist without apparent purpose, and given justification why it is so.

    Is there any scientific explaination as to how these things are possible?
    To the mods, this is not a religious thread, or a thread with religious tonation.


  2. SimpleSimon

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    If you are going to attribute a viewpoint to me, at least have the courtesy to get it correct.

    I am of the view that there is no evidence of any god or afterlife - by which I mean neither evidence supporting nor evidence denying such.

    It is not a question which lends itself well to investigation - after all, a definitive answer requires a cessation of life. Something most living creatures avoid.

    I decline to attempt to offer any explanation for the situation depicted in that video, simply because I have none. As evidence of reincarnation, or any form of an "afterlife", it offers nothing other than an assertion that is occurs. There have been many other similar stories throughout history.

    If you are truly interested in such topics, research them. One cohesive and interesting thesis regarding reincarnation is the series of books by Chesea Quinn Yarbro known as the Messages From Michael. The systematic process described therein has served as the foundational thesis for several novels, most notably Kim Stanley Robinson's The Years of Salt and Rice.