morini 12v 30w Generator ??

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by robin bird, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. robin bird

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    I have the Morini ST-6 trainee automatic 5.8hp engine.The specs on Franco Morini USA says you can get a generator-they say not in America-also Herdan says the same -extensive internet search = nothing.
    Is it possible to use something else ? A motorcycle one ?

  2. DetonatorTuning

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    that is quizical isn't it ? the site shows electric start and oil pump (?) as "options" too, but probably not over here either then.

    i wondered about the charging system as well, that would make these engines VERY attractive.

    i'd say what we need is a European based MB advocate willing to do some "gift" shipping.


    PS, they also show the S6-S 14.5:1 CR engine as running on 95 R.O.N. fuel + 2% oil or about 32:1 if i'm not mistaken. these engines have about twice the cylinder and head mass and fin area as my GP460 which should help the cooling ALOT but that seems like pretty low fuel grade requirement to me.

    anyone have the S6-S 9.4HP engine that can comment on this ?
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  3. robin bird

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    YES ! i will change my name to GUISEPPI ! iam going to see a motorcycle speed-tuning shop and see if they can help-let you know!
  4. loquin

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    Wouldn't 2% oil be 50:1 ?
  5. DetonatorTuning

    DetonatorTuning Active Member

    you are correct, not sure what i was thinking LOL

  6. robin bird

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    Motorcycleshop said forget it -too much trouble. Most guys around here are not innovators just parts changers !!
  7. DetonatorTuning

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    in their partial defence, the under taking would require finding a gen-set that matched up to the shaft, was an outer diameter and depth suitable to the rest of the engine and that one could machine out the needed cover with internal coil supports etc.

    no slight task, and even with the proper pieces supplied would require a considerable amount of a very talented persons time.

    what was actually being said without demeaning or insulting you was that given what they knew about the process it would be very cost prohibitive.

    i am interested in these motors and esp. WITH the generating system so i have started to canvas my contacts to see if we can get the gen-sets, covers and related parts over here.

    this shouldn't be that much trouble. these parts are not engines nor have any relationship to causing any applicable engine to meet or fail any compliance issues so it seems unlikely that they fall under any regulatory prohibition at export or entry.

    i buy high output upgrade charging systems from England for motorcycles regularly for instance. belonging to several global model specific owners asociations has some advantages of relationship and co-operation.

    i'll post any leads that come up.

  8. robin bird

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    Thanks so much Steve I appreciate your knowledgible advice!! please keep us posted.
  9. DetonatorTuning

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    interestingly, the s6e has a 55w system and uses the same bottom end and cases as the s6t so................ perhaps we can get those, that would be cool.

    the s6t has the 35w system and the s6s and s6c don't show a gen-set available, i'm thinking because they already have a stator in that location to run the EMC.

    if you go to the Morini Franco USA site and click on S6 parts at the top of the page and scroll down you can take a look at the stator assembly for the s6s- s6c, that would be kind of like what you be trying to "find" and rig up.

  10. robin bird

    robin bird Member

    Thanks again i will try that . And will report back.
  11. TREEWK

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    Bought This Morini On Ebay A Few Months Ago, I Think The Total With Shipping Was $106. And He Included The Gas Tank. I Think I Got A Great Deal. He Got It From An Estate And Didn`t Know Much About It. The Exhaust Port Bore Is 1 1/8". Got The Carb And Intake. The Head Bolt Pattern Is Not Much Bigger Than The Cg 49cc. Has Good Compression, Not Been Run, Dry. Maybe Steve Knows What I Have. The Big Fins And Exhaust Port, Makes Me Think It May Be High Horse Power. Will Post Pics That He Sent Me Of The Exhaust Pipe And Frame. I Hope To Get It Mounted This Winter, Ron

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  12. robin bird

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    Looking on the " kickbutt morini engines-Herdan USA it is the 3 hp model what a steal !! it says its worth $415
  13. TREEWK

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    Hey Robin, Thanks, I Could Not Find All My Pics, Different Folder. Will Post Them NOW, That He Sent Me. It May Be Interesting, The Size Of The Machine It Pulled. He Would Have Sent It All, Less The Wheels, Just Pay Shipping. But Money Was To Tight. Do You Know If It Will Power Lights?? Ron

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  14. robin bird

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    Holy **** Iam wrong--it must be pushing 10 hp or more--wonder what the motorcycle is-- An old Indian or Harley
  15. TREEWK

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    Robin, I Thought It Was A Morini. I Really Don`t Know Much About Them, Just That The Guys Have Been Using The Engines On Their Bikes. Remember, The Exhaust Port Is 1 1/8" Bore, You Can See A Good Bit Of The Piston!! Lol. Thats Why I Thought It Might Be The 9 + Horse Power That I Have Heard About. But 3 Hp Would Be Easier On The Drive Train!! It Looks Like A Baby Harley Though!! Ha Ha. The Forums And All The Members Keep Each Other Going !!mabe Tomorrow I Will Take Some Better Pics And Post. Looked At It Yesterday, Only 2 Mounting Holes By The Chain Sprocket. Maybe A Bracket Go`s On The Head Studs. I Asked The Seller To Send The Motor Mounts, No Such Luck. Need To Make A Mount And Clamp It In My Monster Vise, Test Run. Ron
  16. TREEWK

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    I Have Tried Several Times To Get On The Herdon Site, Can`t Succeed. Can You Post The Addy? AND I THINK HE SAID THE WHEELS WERE 10" DIA., HE WANTED TO KEEP THEM. Thanks Ron
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  17. TREEWK

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    Have These Numbers In Mab Journal = Fm - S6 Dgm 10142 Om 26-5012
  18. DetonatorTuning

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    google Franco Morini USA lots of good info. maybe you can contact them with those #'s and find out something.

    i haven't seen that particular engine yet, hard to say about power, the s6t and s6s look identical other than carb style but are worlds aparts power wise.

  19. DetonatorTuning

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    survey say !!

    engine from KTM 50 Pro Senior

    no charging system

    runs Dellorto PHVA 19BS carb, on other S6 based engines the 19mm carbs are on the 9+ HP models.

    very nice buy even with you need to work with it some.

  20. TREEWK

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    thanks steve, now, if i can find the carb, will mike the bore. i do know where it will be = in the last place i look!! that always amazes me!! lol ron (some idiot left the caps off!!!)