morini plus worsman will it fit?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by horsemaster20, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. horsemaster20

    horsemaster20 New Member

    Is it possible to shoehorn a Morini motor into an unmodified worksman frame?

  2. skrufryder

    skrufryder Member

    yeah ur gona have to modify or fabricate some kinda motor mounts
  3. horsemaster20

    horsemaster20 New Member

    I Do mean the 9.5 hp model Pirate the answer still "yes"?
  4. skrufryder

    skrufryder Member

    Yeah you got to make motor mounts for it My buds wc chopper is siting in front of me in the living room he has that same motor we need to make mounts for dosent mount anything like the HT's......If you go to the pirate web site and look at the frame made for the motor you'l see the mounts welded on the frame....I wounder if he has a template to trace out the mounts....
  5. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    what's the size difference? Meaning-- the exterior overall physical size in comparison to a HT? Would it fit in "just about any bike" that a HT fits into?

    I looked at the frame they made specifically for it, and I see that the motor more hangs from the frame, so I get that part.
  6. sportscarpat

    sportscarpat New Member

    I know it will not fit without modifications. Here is how I made it fit. 4" stretch with loop. [​IMG]