Morini ST-6 and GT5R "super Rat" Gas motors plus other parts for sale

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    For Sale:
    1(one) Morini S6-T engine, brand new, never been run, 0 miles, 50 cc with Dell Orto carb and exhaust pipe spigot and straight expansion pipe and muffler.
    You will need to fabricate the head pipe to fit your bike.
    This engine was purchased for a SCSW frame that never came.

    1(one) GT5R "super rat" engine, new, barely used, less than 20 miles on it its not even broken in yet.
    All grade 8 black oxide allen head bolts with polished side covers, the cases and barrel are painted black, cooling fins on the barrel have been polished. looks sharp.
    CVC performance carb with chrome after market air cleaner.
    SPB shift kit
    SPB expansion pipe, with custom made head pipe and a custom made over sized copper muffler.
    Pirate cycles centrifugal clutch kit, so its automatic after start up.
    This is the full set up guys, its all put together for you, no waiting for that "last part" just bolt it in and go!

    1(one) 1/2 U.S. gall. 4" copper rack mounted gas tank with an SPB fuel valve.
    This is a great deal because I've been building and selling these tanks for over $300 dollars, and it goes very well with the copper muffler.

    Its only $1600.00 + shipping for the lot, i will not break up the lot so please dont ask.

    Please see my "Iron Horse Warrior Custom" build for pics of all these parts.
    I'm going electric and want to finance the new build.
    Please contact me here in private message to ask questions or make arrangements.
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    I must be mistaken, I don't see any photos of these engines in your album.
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    Here ya go pete-
    ill snap off a few of the GT5R later and post, But heres the Morini, brand new and never been run.

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    Good looking Morini, thanks for posting the pics.
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    Morini ST-6 and GT5R "super Rat" Gas motors plus other parts for sale(SOLD)

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    I wish you would sell the GT5R by itself. I know that you said you wouldn't break up the lot. I can't find that GT5R kit to buy new anywhere. Good luck in selling your lot. It sounds like some really good, upgraded stuff...
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    You my man are extremely lucky, I had a close friend that just needed the Morini to go racing with and the racers code demanded I sell it to him, so the GT5R has been sitting on the shelf.
    #1-The intake and exhaust ports and cylinder head have been port matched and polished.
    #2- its got a a sick bike parts exhaust spigot.
    #3- a fully set up CNS carb with a sick bike parts high performance filter.
    #4-Accell spark plug wire, and an NKG plug.
    #5- and last but not least a centrifugal clutch kit for smooth running, once shes started theres no need to clutch for stops.
    Its been powder coated flat black and its fins and case covers are polished. Ill even throw in the repositioned clutch cable mount.
    This engine is almost brand new, its never been ridden and has only been fired up for set up purposes.

    Alot of work went into this engine, the only reason Im not running it is that the Police around here are cracking down hard on gas bikes so i went electric

    $250.00 + shipping for the engine alone.

    Add $100 dollars for the trick exhaust system, custom cut and fitted welded mild steel 3/4" tube, a SPB exp. chamber and my hand made re packable copper pipe low restriction low noise muffler with 20 feet of titanium header wrap.
    This muffler is extra quiet yet does not hamper top rpm performance.
    Its so quiet that sometimes only the vibration tells me the engine is still running.
    As she sits with that set up, it puts out around 4.5 HP.

    ,On the few test runs I made with it it hit 45 MPH with my 260 lb. butt in the saddle and wasnt even broken in yet or breatheing hard, this motor is tuned for low end torque, so it never has to spin to its 8500RPM red line. with a shift kit it spins around 5000 RPM @35 MPH

    Add $100 dollars for the rack mount hand made copper gas tank.
    Hit me up in PM if your really interested.
    Any one can tell you that's a serious deal.
    Here's a pic of it-
    Thanks for your interest.

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    SOLD OUT, this thread is closed for real this time! lol