Morphing Choctaw into a Harley Sortofson

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    My pre WWI military re-einacting season is coming up and I could not get the 9Hp version ready for this year, so I decided to Morph my Choctaw into an early Army experimental Harley. Going to slap on a cover over the current tank cover (so I can switch back later- the Harley tank fits over the top frame bar) and add a simulated oil tank and then paint 'er gray and also put on Monarch shocks....should make for a good impression in my circles as well as give me much needed transportation...then when I build the 9hp Harley this summer I can convert the Choctaw back to a more indianesque look. Only have two weekends to do it and lots of other stuff also.....why I am posting this when I should be working on the bike?

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    Hardly Sortofson at military living history pic

    Took the finally running right bike to Camp Mabry Texas. While the event is primarily WWII, there is a side event for earlier years. I did the impression of a very early Harley experiment with the US Army, of course the impression was
    tied in with a guy doing early/pre WWI. The bike was a big hit, even had a guy come by the camp with a fine WWII BMW with sidecar to tell me how awesome the bike was....amazing that people see the similarities to the original bike and not the modern features...the bike was a big hit for me as I did not have to walk to see the other attractions at the living history event.
    Still lots of cosmetic stuff to do. That addition of the whizzer replica dropstand is huge in terms of looks and convenience. Just had to bolt an extension on to the ears to make it sit the way I wanted it to.

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    A good looking bike.
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    Thanks, in many ways it is kind of thrown together but it has a certain look I like, it is just that classic early look I guess.
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    Hardley Davidson at airshow

    This was taken at an airshow in San Marcos Texas last weekend. I have since applied pin striping and markings (front fender and fork paint should make it on Friday and I will be adding a screw to keep that front part of the tank cover from riding up) and it will be appear at a vintage airplane/vintage car/vintage motorcycle event in Kingsbury Texas riding with original vintage motorcycles and other tribute bikes. Getting lots of attention and it beats walking around the events!

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    I'm gonna have to get me one of those oil tanks... and seeing the Hardley Davidson without a front fender, I think I like the look... I am going to use the back fender because I'm mounting brake light and turn signals to it, but I might skip the front fender...
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