Most creative, best/simplest fix roadside or garage

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by chefdouglas, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. chefdouglas

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    In a lot of threads people mention fixing their bikes. What is the most creative or best/simplest you have done?
    I've read threads about stuffing tires with dirt and T shirts to limp home, zip ties galore and soda can mufflers as a roadside repair.I've seen pictures of some inspired custom fixes people have done at home. What's your fix? Your problems could be someone else's solutions.

  2. thine82

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    i broke the clutch handle bracket trying to put it on.. so i drilled a hole through it and the handle bars of my bike and put a small nut and bolt through it to hold it on.. works great.. and a cuztom exhauzt .. check out pics under my name... if you have questions then mail me cuz i have alot of fix it solutions even though my bike looks ghetto.. the cops dont bother looking at it....good thing.. more mods to come soon though.. silent build is what it will be...
  3. Al.Fisherman

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    My son called me one night on his way home (first build no mods, original plug) and told me the bike wouldn't stay running after he started it and rode awhile. Said the plug wire kept falling off...I told him to hold it while coming home...well he knew better so I told him to secure the plug wire on by either one of two ways.. Now keep in mind he is on the open road.. Look for and use a piece of string and tie the boot to the plug. Take a piece of paper and fold it many times over and slide in the boot while installing the boot. Used paper, made it home without further issues. Next day changed to a NGK plug and a different wire and boot.