Most economical, torque, silent and easy to repair in Latam and Africa ?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by philgib, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. philgib

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    I did my homework in this forum. I will go for a Friction Staton kit at 400 bucks instead of throwing 200 bucks for a bad solution.

    I am now hesitating for my quadricycle between :

    - Robin - Subaru EH035 33.5 cc 1.60 HP
    - Mitsubishi TLE43 42.7 cc 2.2 hp
    - Honda Four Cycle GXH50

    My need :
    No need for speed, hight torque because quad can be overloaded, as silent as possible, as easy as possible on fuel consumption, and ABOVE ALL SUPER EASY TO REPAIR IN LATAM AND AFRICA.

    I am naturally enclined in taking a 4 strokes engine, but maybe I am too old and 2 -stroke engines are just as great these days ? I want a long term investment.

    What would be your call ?
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  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Do yourself and everyone a favor and don't start multiple threads about the same subject

    Keep it all in one place
    Lets see what your bike looks like
    Do you have a photo?
  3. s_beaudry

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    As stated in one of your other posts about this....

    The setup you are talking about would weigh in close to 800lbs. This is an extreme amount of weight in terms of getting it moving from a dead start to a slow speed. I did not have experience in friction drives, but I can say that this requires a high amount of torque to accomplish. Throwing a 2.4hp engine on one wheel will not or may not accomplish what you are looking for.

    As stsated in the other post, to make this ultra reliable and workable may need the help of a diesel engine. Diesel engines by nature are very torque heavy and horsepower low.

    Not to mention the strain that will be put onto the 2 bicycles and 4 skinny tires, and if the water reserve is not centered on the bicycle, there will be a serious balance and steering issue here.

    I, and may I say "we" here on the forum stand behind you helping others, but this endeavor may cost you more per unit then you are planning to spend.
  4. HoughMade

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    If it were me, I would use the Honda GXH50. Mine pushes me to about 40 mph, so geared down much lower for a slow speed, I think it could be made to move a relatively heavy weight....I'm no lightweight myself.
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  5. Happy Valley

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    What he said, especially RE the diesel and friction drive. Seems like there are many suitable choices marketed to the developing world, search two-wheeled or walking tractors.

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  6. philgib

    philgib New Member

    As per my personal experience, Honda is quite represented in every single country I have lived. So be it then, I will go for a Honda GXH50.

    Thanks a lot Houghmade.
  7. Mountainman

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    I like my Subaru - but for your needs - MOST POWER AVAILABLE !!!

    Honda - not knock off Honda -- PROVEN !!!

    And with all of that weight -- chain drive - MUCH BETTER !!!

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
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  8. stude13

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    if you are going to be on wet or muddy ground friction drive wont work. i would think briggs and stratton chain drive would be good. buy a bunch of old lawn mowers remove engines and gear or pully parts. sell he rest for scrap. craigs list has many horizontal drive mowers. briggs are easy to rebuild. mitch