most kilometers/miles you have on an HT

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    what is the most kilometers or miles you have had or you curently have on your HT, and how many things you have needed to replace so far? i have gotten 3314.7km so far and have had to replace the little crank gear at 2906km, my throttle cable at 2000 summod km and my fuel filter after 1km cause it leaked, other than that im still running the stock chinese plug, stock clutch cable and every thing else, so whats your story?

  2. wildemere

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    I have ~3,000km on an old 66cc bushing motor. It has had a new crank recently, however that failure was my fault. (over-reved it )

    It is my fastest motor as well.
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    what sprocket and what speed does it hit? mines a 42 tooth and it does 35kph comfortably 40 is ok for long distance but it gets hot and 45-50 if i really push it,

    just wondering what your fastest motor ran,
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    I run it with a 35t sprocket and cruise it at 48-50kmh.

    It will pull 55+ and goes up decent hills at 45.

    6000rpm = 52kmh on this build.
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    wow! mines rated for 6000rpm too but i get mad vibrations at 45kph, i noticed if i man my way through them at 50kph it smooths out very nicely and i can go to 55 and keep going but i did that once and the screaming engine freaked me out tot he point where i avoid the bad vibrations and stay below 45, 40 is plenty fast enough for me, but wow that is fast,,:eek:props!
  6. i can go up to 56kph with my 44t sprocket. i have around 250miles on it.
    and im getting 180-200mpg.
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    I got 10000Km+ on one of my 70cc ht engines, driven it all year round for 2 years, and i havent been nice to it either + the winters over here can be harsh.
    i've had some small problems, such as replacing inlet and exhaust gaskets, a few sparkplugs. but other then that it has been a great little engine. that is up to the last weekend, it started to rattle and moan abit. dont think it liked having to pull a bicycle cart with 60+ kg on the back on very rough and steep dirt/mountain roads.
    Maybe time for a restoration, gonna pull it apart and see what needs replacing. proberly the pistonrings that are worned out and perhaps a bearing or two :)

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    Are you arround buffalo by chance?
  9. im at 300miles now. no im near lake champlain,Clinton county area.

    things i fixed: broken front fender tab, broken pull start spring,rear flat tire.
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  10. arceeguy

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    540 miles with minimal tinkering after the initial setup. Not a world record, but more than a lot of people will put on one of these kits. I go for a 12 mile "joyride" to a farm market to buy fresh vegetables every couple of days. It adds up over time!