most kinks worked out (i hope)

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  1. so i fired up the old bike today put on my furry hat and drove my motor bike to a friend that lives about 7 miles away getting there noo problem getting home different story i ran out of gas, guess i have a leak somewhere got to the gas station eyeballed 3.5 oz of 2 stroke oil and bought 1/2 gallon of premium it ran like ****, so i figured too much oil right stopped at the next gas station paid for 75 cents worth of gas but only 50 cents fit in it 2.5 liter my butt ran even worse i think plus we have long steep hills where i live and i ended up walking the bike home :( tomorrow i will drain and try again

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    Where do you live that gas stations will give you "an eyeballed 3.5oz of 2 stroke oil"?

    I'm ever grateful for my sidebasket. I forget where I got it from, but it's a 3 - 4 gallon wire basket I bailing wired to the right side of the frame in the back. This way I don't ever have to worry about the levels in the tank, just make sure I keep a gallon in the can and I can relatively go anywhere and always know I have a good mix. I also keep a measuring bottle with me that does a perfect gallon and I keep it filled, so essentially I can go 20 miles on my small gas tank, 40+ on my gas can and another 40+ if I run into a gas station.

    I'd seriously drain everything out of your tank and do yourself a fresh perfect batch of gas mix, let us know if it's something more serious than a mix issue.
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  3. no i had to buy an 8 ounce bottle and put a little less than half in it
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    Ahhh, okay.

    Gas stations should totally have a 2 stroke pump you can dial the ratio in with.

    Let me know what happens when you get some fresh mix!
  5. come to think of it would too little ooil make a new engine run poor also :confused:
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    i personally premix 160 ml of race oil valvoline in a 5 litre can i got from bunnings ...
    then its a case of seal pay walk an as u walk home u shake can.:jester:

    the hard part is pourin fuel via builtin neck on can ...
    ill try a funnel next ...
    tank is 3 lt from gasman .penrith
    motor a hp2 48 cc rse ...
    i only use premium fuel :idea:

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    now as to ur leak ,,,,, details
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    What leak? What are you talking about?
  9. idk about my leak once in a while I'll see it leak at the petcock even tho I used real fuel line and ring clamps then once i forgot to turn pet cock off then I leaned it to the right and noticed gas was poring out of carb, but turned off gas right away. thinking it must be leaking from pet cock itself
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    I see where you mentioned leak in your first post, sorry gothicguy64.

    Just to check - you used some sort of o-ring with the petcock right? Or do you mean it's leaking where it meets the fuel line? What worries me is that you say you saw gas "pouring" out the carb. How far did you lean it and where'd it pour out of? This might be a lead to something, so I'd at least spend 15-20 minutes investigating it.

    I know I've got some leaks, but they're just so minor I'm not too worried about it. I know I'm just losing some of the tightness from having old stiff fuel line, but that's definitely not the case with your machine.
  11. its the new 2010 cns brass screws that i broke trying to adjust because there glued in by stronger glue than brass.... and after rechecking my 2 cycle oil i think im way under oil for a new engine after i re looked this tank im thinking is running at between 32:1 - 50:1 that's bad right, thankfully for only 3-4 miles right
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    Well, I am so against those CNS carbs it's not even funny. I actually lost a customer due to them! He hasn't returned my calls for over a month now. I told him to get a basic 48cc RAW motor, and he calls me at midnight telling me he can't figure out how to install it. I get there and he's got a skyhawk with the upgraded CNS carb. After shaking my head, I built it in just a few hours. But then I couldn't get the stupid carb tuned right, which ended up taking a good 8 more with no results. Oh well, though, it's an easy fix - so it's his loss for not calling me back. The NT carb is the way to go though, so much easier to work on - I'm surprised that skyhawks CNS wasn't riveted shut!

    Forgot to add, get a new throttle setup too when you get the NT carb.
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  13. on 2010 cns pos carb they have like 3 maybe 4 clear lines on the right side and gas poured out of them and were talking 10 maybe 15 degrees not much lean to the right at all that carb is noo good order a new carb when you order the engine cent clutch wont work no matter how much i work on it and pull start broke on second pull i payed 199 for a 119 dollar engine i got from gas bike and the prices i got are both from gas bike and they refuse to return for over a month now
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    There should be 3 lines, your fuel intake, your vent and your overflow. If it's your overflow, it's understandable that would happen, it's designed to come out of there. If it's your fuel intake, check the seating, cause all the fuel that's working with that line needs to be in the line. Lastly, if you have fuel coming out of your vent tube, you have a serious problem.

    I don't get why people want the upgraded kits like that, it's about the same price to get the stock motor and add the centrifugal clutch to it, and then you can always go back to friction if you want to remove the pull start kit.
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  15. oh my throttle came to me broken, that is another reason i keep calling them to no avail.... 6 month warranted on what, all I get is young punks that lie to me!!!!
  16. your right in fact I figured out that it is 30-40 bucks cheaper and i would have had a better engine the pull start fell off and the cent clutch never worked save your money and at least get the slant head
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    as for carbys my 48 cc has a deloto (clone)...
    it has 1 inlet
    1 oulet
    a idle
    an fine tuneable mixture screw on outer body
    my inlet is billet.

    ohhhh i get 50 -65 km lt range 150-220 km
    speed of 65 kmh
    not bad from a shaft driven bike , 3 spd nexus .

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    Well, here's a thought, just putting it out there.

    Why would they still sell the normal, straight head, square jug, basic basic motors if the upgrades they came out with were ACTUAL upgrades?

    It's because it's not a true UPGRADE, it's a customization. Seriously, the only perk to a slanthead is that you gain <.5cc - even for the same price, I wouldn't do it. Maybe one day when that's all that's being sold, but when I see the black ones, circle jugs, slant heads, stock pull starts and etc, it just tells me their trying really hard to make money. The classics are where it's at, and if you're gonna modify, make it a hard mod and just port it out!
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