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    Hey folks,

    I am brand new to this forum. I do not yet have a motored bike, but I have decided to get one. I am mechanically minded and a pretty good shade tree mechanic and have decided I want to purchase a complete kit and assemble one myself. I have been looking at various websites of retailers who sell kits. There are quite a few out there and a wide range of prices. So, here is my question. Are there any places that are generally considered to have better products?? And alternately, are there any places that I maybe should avoid all together because of their poor history? I figured this forum would be the population who could give me some advice with this.

    Basically, I dont want to buy something, and then later have big problems and find out I unknowlingly purchased the "yugo" of motored bikes.

    BTW, I really like the look of the spooky tooth line of bikes, particularly their 4 strokes, is this generally considered a good brand?

    Your help is greatly appreciated.


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    I own 2 kits. The first I bought was a Staton-Inc. inside chain drive with a Robin Subaru OEH35 4 stroke engine. I wanted to purchase a kit that I would not have to tinker too much with once I got it mounted. In that regard the Robin Subaru engine- Staton kit has been running like a finely tuned watch. Later on I bought a friction drive from BikemotorParts and added the same model R/S engine to it. Both engines run great. I like having both a friction and chain drive bike. Both kits are great quality and have given me zero problems in 3 years. Personally, I have found that buying the highest quality usually costs less in the long run, both in repairs and aggravation. However, everyone on this forum has their favorites and opinions vary as to best, etc.
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