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    Hey there,

    So the bike i bought has had nothing but problems which i have been able to fix for the most part, but with that said the latest issue i believe is electrical. My clutch cable broke when i hit a bump in the road and had to walk home in the 115 degree heat(just added that detail for dramatics) and then after getting the new clutch cable installed the bike wouldn't work. turns out the kill switch cable was sliced slightly which i am unaware of how it happened but i went ahead and bought a new kill switch and when i went to install it, the green cable had a different type of connecter than the bullet one which seems to be default. Had help fixing that issue but now the engine won't turn over. seems to want to start but won't. Engine is not flooded and and i believe i have traced it back to something electrical. Any help would be awesome! Oh and this kill switch is the "same" as the one i bought from except from, only it has a different connector on the one cable.

    p.s. i can get back with photos in a bit.

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    Disconnect the kill switch for testing, you can kill the engine by applying full choke . If it runs, bad kill switch , or wiring . No spark ? Check mag to cdi box connections. I recommend riders buy a spare mag coil and a CDI Box Put the new parts in a running bike, tag the removed parts OK Just because it's new, doesn't mean it works.
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    yeah i stalled it out once or twice when i was waiting on the kill switch to stop the bike but it wasn't easy to get going. i was thinking i should take the spark plug out and check it. my flying horse has the internal cdi and so not sure if that changes things. i can always buy a new one and will the heat demagnetize the magneto? Yeah i know that about it not working when new haha. if the bike won't start with the kill switch disconnected, what might that suggest?
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    define 'seems to want to start' - could be new clutch cable & clutch need adjustment

    after that, next thing to do is check for spark
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