Most stupid problem you've had while commuting


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1:28 AM
May 5, 2008

I was just wondering what stupid problems people have had when commuting!

I had one this morning, which the stupidity was all mine, and I'm not quite sure i'm ready to fess up to the world about yet!

Make me feel better people, by fessing your own!
no, my fuel tap was definetly on. (didnt help much though) :(

Sorta helps if there is fuel in the tank! lol!

I ran out of fuel, a block from work. Fortunately it happened that close, and after the hills on the way to work!

Proably going to bus it home, then come back with the car to collect it!

I remember thinking this morning. I should top up the tank. Then thought, nah, I'll do it tonite! lmao!
I carry a small fuel container and hang it on my handlebar. You can also place it where a water bottle would go.
Many a time I forget to check my gas before I go. Then at the gas stations that reserve handlebar tank gets its fill first. (my 4 stroke. With a happy time just fill up your mix at home,and keep a small container of 2 stroke oil enough to mix a half a gallon in case you'll need it)
Why collect it? Why not just pedal it down and get some 2 stroke oil and gas?
the gearing i have on it really isnt suiited to my level of fitness and the terrain! it has some very tall gearing, (7 - 13 tooth), and I have some decent hills!

I really do need to change that....
had a crow problem

I ride every day when weather permits. Put on about 9,000 miles a year. Saving money and having fun.

I was traveling in Ohio on a country road doing about 38 MPH.

As I was riding I noticed a small bird was attacking a flying crow and neither of them were looking at where they were flying. They suddenly veered right into me.

Sad to say, both of them hit me and they both were killed. Luckily I was wearing a full helmet.
The crow hit my head and the smaller bird went into my front spokes.

So watch out for those birds.
I ran out of gas on my first ride because I thought I poured "just enough" gas to get me round trip. Never thought about that as I was giving out test rides to my buddies at work. I ran out on the way home and luckily a motorcycle dealer was nearby and had 2stroke oil. I bought oil, gassed up on the corner (.25 gallons... HA) and rode almost all the way home. Next stupid blunder... same ride (almost home)... forgot to use locktite on the cylinder head threads... wiggled loose and lost compression. I got to pedal up the big hill.

Lessons learned.