moterized road bike?

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    hi i am a novice builder and this would be my second build but the only bike i would put a moter on is a road bike but im nervous. its a aluminium road bike 21 speed and im not going to mess with a jack plate. it would be a commuter bike so i could ride to school.(im 14) heres what im worried about

    - brakes i have to sacrifice one handle for a clutch. and there shimono road bike brakes. is there a motor kit for under 300 that has a cintrifical cluch.(im broke)

    - will my brakes stop me. im willing to upgrade the brakes i have and maby buy some new cheap brakes

    -i have REALLY thin tires will they support/not skid

    -and will my brakes stop me i live in a relativity hilly area. and i dont have disks

    - and are boost bottels worth even buying

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Alot of states require the operator of a motorized bicycle to have a current driver's license and be 18 years old.
    Check out your local laws before building your bike. It would suck to have it and not be able to ride it.
    Also check with your school to be sure that they will allow you to ride a motorized bicycle. They may have a problem with the fact that is uses gasoline.

    Road bikes do not make good motorized bikes.
    The frames are generally lighter weight, thinner walled tubes.
    An aluminum frame is also alot more prone to cracking.

    Brakes are just as important as the engine. You need to be able stop quickly in a panic situation. Do not sacrifice a brake and do not trust cheap brakes either. It could mean your life.

    The tires are too skinny for good traction, especially in corners.

    I am not currently aware of a quality engine kit with a centrifugal clutch that costs $300 or less. Perhaps someone else here could help you out better than I can with that. There are centrifugal clutches that you can add to a Chinese HT engine, but they require modification in order to work well. That would all add up to be close to $300.

    Boost bottles seem to make an engine run smoother, but do very little for power and speed.

    Check out these threads, they may be of help to you:
  3. I'm kinda new to the whole thing but I have a few opinions here.

    On e-bay I bought the cheapest one availible ($140) and although I have the one with the clutch lever. You can buy a centrifugal clutch, and pull start for around $50 on Zoom Bicycles.

    The other option is have the clutch, and brake stacked. I don't have a good picture of how I did it, so I could take one, and PM you it. Or I could post it here if you want.

    The third option is to get a 2 in one lever, so it will pull both brakes. This won't let you control the brakes as well, but will free up an open spot for the clutch.

    Now, for the brakes. I'm not exacly sure what you have, but I have the stock Shimano V brakes that came on my bike. They work great for me, but I'm not exacly sure what you have on your bike.

    Sorry for the wall of text, just started going.
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    Skinny tires ride rough. Something to think about before building.
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    I was reluctant to trust a 2-in-1 until I thought about the fact that your car doesn't let you choose how much pressure you are applying to each set of brakes... I know, I know, a car is not a bike, but I can't think of a single time I have ever pulled just the fronts-- it's always been either just the back OR both at once. The lever I have will pull the back set slightly before the it pulls the front set.

    When I am driving, I always engage the clutch before I apply the brakes, so I assume I will ride my MB the same way... having two levers on one hand would get too confusing
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    I've been using the so called 2 in 1 brake handle for the past year...I'll NEVER do without one on any build I do for myself. I'm presently running a beach cruiser that had just a coaster brake. Other then that "GearNut" has about covered the rest.

    Whatever you do, check out what really should be done to the engine as soon as you unpack it, before installing it on the frame. Spend a few bucks and time now or spend the bucks and a lot of time later, because you will. I don't have doubts about that fact.
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  7. The way I drive, I don't think I'd trust a 2 in 1. I think if you went a bit slower, and not jamming on the brakes in tight corners it should work.
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    ya i have a strech morini engen with a new vincie hub. were i live if your 14 you can drive your self to school on any 2 whelled thing under 125 cc and they dont care if its under 50cc. yea i just like building and was wondering. oh and were i live its REALLY flat