Mothballs and High Octane Results



Has anyone ever tried the ole racecar driver trick of melting a mothball in the gas to boost it to a higher octane performance?
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I'd run a couple ounces of toluene in with the gas instead if you want higher octane. At least on turbocharged cars it makes for a very noticeable difference. Its readily available at most Sherwin Williams stores for around $16 a gallon and it burns at 114 octane.

I've used 2 gallons on top of 14 gals of 93octane for an effective 96 octane many times in my car and it is much smoother running. Running too high of a concentration can prematurely wear your fuel lines, especially if they're rubber. Toluene fights detonation like nothing else short of straight alcohol and burns cleaner than gas but its much more expensive (although the price drops to about $5 a gallon if you buy a 55 gal drum of it)

I'd assume that higher octane would make more power (after the ignition is tweaked, maybe including a timing adjustment or colder heat range spark plug) but I'm not too familiar with how to optimize the power on a 2 stroke motor.

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