motive 21speed with motor

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    well i just got this all put togeather i took a few days to work out the kinks and raddles. i got this bike from my stepmother cause she did not use it much. the bike is about 15 years old and figured it would be a good fit for the motor, so i baught a boy go fast kit on ebay 80cc kit ''yes i know thay are not really 80cc''. but here it is hope you all like it ask me questions if you have any:grin:

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    Neatly done. Like the little details....automotive plug wire.....wiring loom etc. Any idea of the bike manufacturer? I think it is the same as my first attempt.
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    and im not shure about the bike manufacturer all i know is its a motive dont know much about the rest if thats what your asking.

    and has anyone tried a 34tooth sprocket on their motorbike yet? and how do thay do for speed? im bidding on one right now on ebay.
  4. I like the msd spark plug boot looks good. Nice bike