Motobecane M/B w/Honda gx31 clone

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    Hey everyone I just found out that Motobecane made mopeds in the 70's & 80's from what I just saw on you tube. Lol I built a new moped! I did wonder about the names suspicious connotation. This is my first build and there are issues to work out but it got me too work and back for the first time the other day. The details about my kit issues are in my first thread "schwinn scooter conversion". Also in my thread "has anyone else used the daemon friction drive kit?" And in the 4stroke section "honda clone on aluminum Motobecane"


    but this is what I have so far. I'm thinking maybe a real honda 50 w/frame mount, utilizing either the existing 8 speed cassette or a 3-7 speed hub. As well as a free wheeling crank to keep things legal. I know rpm reduction is gonna be an issue that I'll address when the time comes. It should haul some serious tail at 45+ MPH is what im shooting for as opposed to 20 mph as it sits. And it does look kinda weird where its mounted and the balance is funkified. That is leaving out the problems I've had with design of the kit as it should function.
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    what? the FD is the easiest thing in the world , as for balance most i know compensate for it without thought , i never noticed mine. do you really want to go 45 mph on bike wheels bearing and brakes? kool to go motorcycle speeds on a motorcycle. easy does it .
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    You must be the new guy.

    Do you think anyone here wants to go 45mph?

    And do you think they'll modify their bicycle to safely reach 45mph?

    For some odd reason, my Whizzer NE5 comes to mind.

    BTW, you've responded to a post that's over 6 years old.

    The OP has moved on from FD to faster projects.