Motobecane Phantom 29er/Morini 9.4

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by jg767, Apr 26, 2009.

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    Well, I bought the Phantom and Morini motor back in January. Andrew from Kings' Sales made me a nice 48 tooth aluminum sprocket and top hat adapter. I am in the process of making my own aluminum motor mounts, I have my first one almost finished.
    I'm still looking for a siutable exhaust, as the Morini doesn't come with any. Hope this thread will be helpful, I will post some pics soon.

  2. huckersteve

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    We need to see this bike.

    It's gonna be a sick build- I'd like to build up a steel 29'er with a HT motor, but where do these Morini's come from? I know it's italian where can we get em'??
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  4. jg767

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    I just got my tuned pipe and silencer from Herdan today. This thing slips right on, fits like a glove. Both motor and pipe are top quality, you won't go wrong dealing with Herdan, you can call any afternoon to talk to the owner, Herman, he'll answer any questions you might have.
  5. hawaiioutdoors

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    Looking forward to the build...Always liked the Morini

    Looking forward to the build..... can't beat a compact 6 hp motor....
    gitti-upp or as they say in Italy Peppperoooniii..
  6. shawnshank

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    Did you ever finish this build? If so, do you have any pics?

  7. robin bird

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    Sure hope to see your build soon!!
  8. jg767

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    I haven't had much time to work on this build but I have made progress with my mounts. I fabricated them from aluminum and HTS2000, I want to make sure they are super strong to handle 9.4 horsepower. I still need to fabricate the rear mount at the seat tube. Here's a pic,

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  9. pedro5189

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    Do you not want that mounted lower and more rearward, giving more room for the carb, plug cap etc, or would that have made the engine foul the crank arms?
  10. jg767

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    The crank arms clear the motor by less than an inch on both sides. The spark plug cap, carb and air filter have just enough clearance. This is a 19" frame, usually more than enough room for a Morini but the frame geometry of a 29'er is somewhat different than a 26" bike. It's tighter at the front to allow for the larger front wheel. The 21" frame would have been easier to work with. But luckily this 19" frame is still workable.
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    Hmm.... so I'm thinking about getting a 29er, but I need to know what the minimum space requirement is for just a 48cc engine. I figured it'd be a no brainer that any size 29er frame would fit, but I didn't think about the tighter angle at the front, allowing for the larger front wheel!!

    The Motobecane I was considering was already sold out in the 17" frame, but they still have the 15" frame. Now that I'm looking at the geometry of that bike, it looks like the 15" seat tube length is not exactly MB-friendly dimensions. Looks more like 12" in-frame space to work with.. . .. . ..

    Oh well, guess me and rack mounts are just meant to be!!
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    those morini engines seem outrageously overpriced, especially since you can get a 5+ hpr watercooled engine for under $300
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    Possibly but they are not Chinese carp ! they have a very long life and have been made for years in Europe (they are like Japanese engines)
  14. shiloh0

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    probably right, im just mad cause they look cool and i can't afford one
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    no :poop:
    me too.
    got a netbook now and can FINALLY get my GT5 running (due to adquate internet capabilities). I think I have discovered it's problem[actually, Gearnut and/or CHVYPWR did-might have- in an old post from back in August].
    But now I'm researching these Morini because of their known reliability.
    I need a much more relible form of transportation.
    Still, it will be many months b4 I would have the extra grand+ for the 11 hp one I want($800) in addition to exaust and I don't know what else yet).
    I'd get a moped but no drivers licence.