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  1. jack

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    Hi !
    My name is Jack
    I am from Toronto Canada
    Long time motorized bicycle fanatic
    used to build and ride them when I was a kid
    with so called "D6" Russian bicycle motor which
    so popular Chinese motor was copied from
    however Russian engine had through crankshaft induction
    and China simplified it by converting whole thing to piston
    ported induction.We also had cast iron sleve and 45cc displcement
    the rest of the motor is absolutely the same.
    Here I built two bikes.The first one was more or less stock with
    minor engine upgrades,the second one I went more dramatic
    and designed and build my own cyclinder,cylinder head,changed piston,
    put 18mm "Mikuni" ,build tuned expansion chamber,chain tensioner,
    gas tank and some other things.
    All in all I've got very decent result ,bicikletta running scary fast
    and I have huge fun riding it(more than my 750cc sport bike)
    Yet I stay with 50cc.This displacement has huge potential and
    I belive if you want somethig bigger won't you just by motorcycle?
    If sombody is interested in sharing this passion
    please contact me with no hesitation

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  2. Looks like a Happy Time bottom Frankenstined to a foreign head.
    That's the way it should have been. Ram air carb to front,exhaust to rear.
    Nice pics.
    And WELCOME to MBc!
  3. jack

    jack New Member

    Well well not so much of a ram air but pipe is straiter(easier to build)
    And thank's for warm welcome
  4. graucho

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    Hi Jack. Welcome to MBc!
    Great build! Nice tank and exhaust. It looks quiet. Did you make the tank also?

    If you search and are unable to find your answers, don't hesitate to post your question. Someone will steer you to a link, or reply to your question. Were here for each other! Enjoy! :grin:
  5. hellbilly

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    Welcome Jack. Nice looking bike!
  6. jack

    jack New Member

    I built gas tank of aluminum pipe and two cnc machined ends
    welded together it also has a fuel gauge
  7. Woah. What up with that chain tensioner? That's awesome.
  8. jack

    jack New Member

    It's spring loaded and I never had problems with snapping chain
    Way better than standart kit abortion
  9. dbigkahunna

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    Welcome to MBc from the Giant Side of Texas!
  10. How did you get the carb on the front and the exhaust going out the back? Did you just turn the cylinder around? Or did you use a modified cylinder? I'm wondering if it is possible for me to turn the cylinder around on my Chinese 50cc to mount my expansion chamber when it comes in later this week. Any advise?
  11. turbo/chaos

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    insane man welcome and you need to go to bonevile
  12. so i did it

    So I recently bought an X2 pocketbike exhaust. I was able to mount the exhaust straight onto the piston using the hardware that came with it. I had to turn the pisto around so that the exhaust came out of the rear while the carb was in front. I wasn't too difficult. I had to cut the intake manifold so that the carb would fit into my frame. Once I put it back together mounting the exhaust was no problem. The angle on the piston allowed the exhaust to come out on the right side. There was a slight performance boost. I decided to add on my old boost bottle too. The combination of the two was substantial. Much more than when i only had the boost bottle or exhaust. I'll post some pictures soon. I need to charge my camera first.
  13. will_start

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    Thats a happy time on steriods, its really odd for the chinese to copy something
    and pretend its their own design.

    that reminds me of microsoft, but thats another story ;-)

    welcome to the madness....
  14. fastboy9

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    That custom cylinder head is amazing! You should look into batch production maybe? Maybe a performance upgrade kit? I love what you have done there. There is another guy who seriously modify's these engines, he's dont it with one of the russian engines, you can barely recognise it. Have a look:

    Welcome to the forum, I'm sure your going to be great contribution!