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    Now, for the nitty gritty...has anyone used a motocross hub on a bicycle?? Maybe I should ask it this way..I've looked at Motocross hubs and have found you can get them with the ability to put a rotor on the left side and a sprocket on the drive side and wondering if there are bicycle hubs that have this. I've been looking at the motoped rear hub ( and noticing this is how they have there's and the only thing I can find that is comparable is a motocross hub. I feel like this type of hub is too large but after some research there are a few that are smaller but wondering if anyone knows of a hub made for a bicycle that is like this.
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    moto sprockets are bolted on, the majority of pushies have screwed on 1-5 speed freewheels, or splined cassettes on the bigger clusters.

    the only difference in rotors is size. that means thickness, diameter, bolt pattern, etc. basically everything :jester:

    the main issue is the difference in ratios required for pedalling and motor driving. what exactly are you trying to achieve?

    there is, somewhere here, a good pic of a hub with two freewheels on one side, a large one for engine and a small one for pedals. im not loooking...