Motokruisers "Ebonita" has a new owner

Some of you may recognize these photos.....

This was the most complete that this bike ever got, but never ran? :???:

Below is how the bike looked when I picked it up, minus the Motor sprocket, chain, chain guide tensioner and the 2 locking brake levers. Although, there was a much smaller brake lever attached to the handlebars to cover up the hole drilled into it. It also came with the Custom fuel tank and the jackshaft.


I have my work cut out for me. So far, I discovered that the seat post was welded in place and where the clamp would go to allow for adjustment of the seatpost, was cut Off! :cry: :cry: I was hoping to put a layback seatpost on this to give me more legroom to pedal. Any ideas on how I could make this happen would be great. I will show a picture of this soon. The other fun thing that I discovered was that the triple tree fork steer tube was cut about an inch and a half too short. I think that it was "used" and came off of a regular size bike frame then was poorly jerry-rigged to fit this bike. I will probably sell the triple tree fork if any one has a normal size frame they would like to put it on. The gas tank is interesting. I love the idea of the custom gas tank and its location, but it is definately "ghetto". I will try to get a close up picture of it to show you what I mean. I think that I am going to have to bust out the Bondo and give it a smoother clean finish. I will definately be asking for help and advice when it comes time to try and feed and attach the chain for the motor on this sucker. I will get some better pictures to give you all a clearer understanding. I succesfully installed one piece cranks and a very long chain after removing the pegs that where installed in the bottom bracket and the supports that were welded in there as well. So worst case scenario...I have a ridable bike. Updated pics to come shortly. Any and all feedback is extremely welcome. Thanks in advance!
will be glad to help you out with this build. my question to you is, did you really take a close look at the bke before you purchased it? all those issues sound like they can all be fixed with alittle time and patience. im sure everyone will help in different area's. :cool:
I was going to drive over the hill to buy that but Sue Ann needed the money frist, I was thinking on making a trike out of it, low and long ride, just got to love it........congrats and good luck on your build......Loco
I really like that look. :D

It will take some effort to finish but all worth it.
New owner

I have a frame just like this one with a jackshaft. I'm new so will send you a pic after this post. It is a great bike.
Relocate the jackshaft

If you put the jackshaft into another bottom bracket it will clear your frame without a chain tensoner and provide less drag.
:eek: :eek: :eek: What the..! Holy Cow! Looks like a pretty inexpensive build. :p :p I have not had time to really do much with the bike yet. Thank you for those picks. If you could, please send more...a lot more! More angles and more of the jackshaft please. The welding work looks insane! Did you do this all your self, or did you have someone do it? It's too late right now and I have to work in the morning. I wish I saw your post earlier because I was down at Sea World today with the family and would have definately stopped by to stare at that! Nice work and please keep checking back to this post. I will be most likely looking for help in the near future. Thanks again!
glad ya snagged such a nice ride, 'jammin. it'll be fun to watch you bring her back to life :)

ok, guys, now that you've gotten each other's attention i can see this could get wild, so i gotta ask something...don't hide any good techie stuff inside a pic gallery, please start something over in "wild in the streets" about those frame and drive-train tweaks, cuz there's no doubt that's where they belong, wow! :devilish: 8)