Motoped DX Assembly

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    Slideshow of my Motoped DX getting assembled.

    The stuff I made was just to save money (using a cheap seat that ended up being too short) or so I could use part's what I already had (chainring) - Certainly isnt neccessary, but it's just hard for me to justify when I can quickly make a part to make something work.

    I was snapping picture's rather randomly so some thing's have way too many photo's showing minor details and I probably missed some important step's people might be more interested in.
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    For anyone interested or googling this and wondering about the rear wheel... which I found was the biggest pain of the entire process (trying to find a 24" 48 hole rim to go with the hub that's included and then trying to figure out the spoke size)

    • I followed the directions here - - but cross over 3 and under the 4th to get a 4 cross pattern
    • Used a SUN BFR 24" 48h BMX Rim - Readily available for about $10
    • 234mm Spokes - 233mm would be perfect, but I couldnt find any
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    man, that is awesome, i've been wanting to build one for a while now, but the cost is so high, do you mind telling how much you have in it an maybe some links to where you got the parts that didn't come in the kit. very cool.
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    It all came off eBay.

    If you plan your purchases and buy from seller's who sell several items AND combine shipping it can be done for $2600 with similar parts as mine. You can go lower if you dont use new parts or lower the spec a little. The front fork is a large expenditure, I was lucky and got a new dual crown for $125.... That might push the price up if there are no deals on one.

    It's also a lot cheaper if you build the wheels yourself. I was quoted $350 for a complete rear wheel built around the hub that comes with the kit from one place and $140 labor for my local bike shop to build it with my parts - I put it together myself for $60 total.

    I made a list of everything I needed, did several practice sales from different sellers to see which would end up being the best price WITH shipping. Shipping will kill you if you order one thing from each seller or order and go back later because you forgot.
  5. do you have a video of this running
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    Not yet.
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    did you get your kit from santa cruz or some where else. i see both there web sites show them as out of stock and the one site has removed it. hope they still plan to offer these as i would love to build one some day.
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    I ordered it direct from, their ordering page changed to out of stock the day before they sent me shipping notification. Page said that they had a full bike for sale, but they must have sold that too as it's no longer mentioned.

    Unreal cycle's deactivated their page for them too....
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    Great build. I doubt I'll ever build a motoped, but your post has me seriously considering an off road motorized bicycle. I love to mountain bike but my knees are not holding up so well.
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