Motor alternator output for lighting

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by ringal, Sep 30, 2006.

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  1. ringal

    ringal Guest

    Has any body hooked up a light or used the output from the motor to drive a light ??? Does any body have a wiring diagrame for the ignition system ???

    Regards Al

  2. Tom

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    My "green machine" has a light that is hooked up to the motor. I connected the "kill" wire to the positive terminal on the light, and then hooked up the negative terminal (on the light) to the frame. The light comes on when the engine is on. The one problem is that the light tries to pull current from the kill wire at all times, so it is a little more difficult to start when there is a light trying to come on too. What I did to solve this was i threw in a switch so I could turn the light off while trying to start.

    Oh, and make sure your light isn't drawing too much current (more than 6v) or else it will stop the motor.
  3. ringal

    ringal Guest

    Thanks for the info Tom.... I live in Western Australia and there is not a lot of info on these engines over here... I have a 48cc init and have managed to tune it to give me 52k/hr on the flat or 32 mph in your money. I have only had it about 4 weeks and have used it to go to work and back plus some fun riding, over 480kms on the unit now..... Vibration is a bit of a problem, the chain guard has snapped at one end I find wearing my motocycle gloves save the fingers and hands.....
    I would just like to know how they manage to control the ignition timing on these engines as there are no points and condenser (I suspect they use voltage rise to trigger the cdi unit) In the future I will hook up a timing light and see exactly what is goung on...... as I suspect that the timing control will not be that great.

    Thanks again Tom regards Al
  4. wingo395

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  5. try1897

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    the lights

    I've been trying to use the engine power to run the lights but so far it hasen't worked out. It keeps killing the engine. I guess I haven't found the right bulbs yet. Too high of a voltage. I'll keep trying and in the meantime I'll continue to use the rechargable battery pack and the 9 volt system that I put together from old parts. My main problem at this point is that I'm running out of summer fast. Its going down to freezing tonight so I gotta confine my rides to short trips in the middle of the afternoon. Later Tom in W.V.
  6. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    About that winter thing, I keep hearing that those Michiganers have a "liteweight" snowmobile suit thing, as opposed the the standard one, and this guy got one in Georgia, says it works great, waterproof. Hope some of the N'therners in this forum will point the way.
    Local hunters brag about something called "Frogtogs" for possible winterwear.
  7. try1897

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    Well thats a new one on me. I take a look for them. i sure could use something. its like I bundle up to the point that i feel like an astronaut on the moon or something. And that wind it cuts right thru ya like a knife. its at the point that I'm beginning to hate winter. I can't believe there was a time when I used to lay in the snow and make snow angels. Man oh man . If you see me laying in the snow now please help me cause i'm havin a bad bad day thats for sure. i truly want to move south. Hey ducks go south in the winter. you meen to tell me i ain't got the sence god gave a duck.. All the best to you guys ...........Tom in W.V.
  8. it was a lovely 32 degress today in colorado and with chance of snow and one big jacket and gloves to keep out the cold the ride wasnt to bad
  9. try1897

    try1897 Guest

    well we haven't gotten into the snow yet but its the rain that stops us in this area. this time of year the rain is COLDDDD and too nasty to ride... Tom inW.V.
  10. Tom

    Tom Active Member

  11. Cookie

    Cookie Guest


    The rain got me in Aug. I turnded to tight and the wheels went out from under me (a blond moment) the knee cap was moved about an inch but the leg is working now. :)

    Get a tool bag and carry a plastic poncho in it for those supprise rainy days I was pulling overto put mine on when I mucked up.

    I also found a nice pair of leather pants and 2 jackets at Good will a light jacket for the chilly days and a linded jacket for the COLD days the pants help keep the chill down untill I get to work then I change cloths. I also have a 1960 vespa helmet that I can zip the flap in to keep the back of the neck warm and a 1/2 face sheild that I can raise or lower .

  12. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Funny how a topic starts with light generation, ends up in "sportswear".

    Back story: After this incident:

    I started participating (having a 21 yo veteran son/daughter in law fighting for over a year for the education money promised when they enlisted), acting the "guarddog" role, protecting the Sisters.

    So yesterday I left out on the first frosty morning in Bama, 2 layers of pants, 2 pairs of socks under the Chuck Taylor black hightops, 4 layers of shirt/sweaters/windbreaker. I live in "Rough Edge", takes an hour to get to Cullman, and I leave early to eat lunch at the monestary before we go to the rally, park the bike in the courtyard by the dining hall.

    Previously, the parking spot was never commented upon, but yest. the temp rose 15 degrees in a hurry. The sisters were still in Chapel, so I started peeling off some of the insulation, had it laying on a bench when Sister Bertha came out "Paul, let's hurry up and eat, so I can go get the car". Absent minded, I moved the bike against the wall, forgot all the stuff on the bench.

    Bertha and I are in the line first, when the rest of the convent start filing in moments later, and little old Sr. Francine (a spry 88 y.o. about 4'10") is on the far end of the buffet, and she said (embarrasingly loudly) to the Prioress "Sister, I think we have another hobo on the grounds, I saw a heap of discarded laundry out in the atria." :oops:
  13. Cookie

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    I have tried several things for a light on the bikes all of which where not what I wanted (not enough light to see with at night) I am going to to to the local scooter shop and get one of their 12 volt batteries (the charge last a long time) and use a 12 volt light system......
    the battery come in different sizes and shapes that I can mount on the bike and have it look good.


    "Quemadmoeum gladius neminem occidit, occidentis telum est."
    ("A sword is never a killer, it's a tool in the killer's hands.") -
    Lucius Annaeus Seneca "the Younger" (ca. 4 BC-65 AD).
  14. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    For technologically challenged folks (like myself), I'll tell you what $12 setup that DOES NOT WORK.

    The little made-in-China generator that runs on the front tire? It works fine at 10-12 miles per hour, but when you get up in the 20-30 mph range the plastic wheel spinning along the tire sidewall "stalls", giving a very dim worthlessness.

    I don't ride at night, if I did, I guess a helmet light would be a good idea.

    I haven't found a battery operated blinker system that stands up to the jolts and jumps in the road.

    What I really want to find is a miniture "slow moving vehicle" orange triangle like the Amish use on their buggies.
  15. Cookie

    Cookie Guest

    orange triangle

    orange triangle like the Amish use on .....Go to your local truck stop and you can find the hazard triangels there for about $3.oo

  16. Cookie

    Cookie Guest


    I have 2 baskets on the back of my bike (I use it for grocery shopping and picnics) I went to a dollar store and found some reflective dog collars for $1.00 each I wove them into the baskets and then buckled them in leaving a loop on the inside of the basket (holds bottles of oil, soda, or wine). These collars are about 1 inch wide and really show up during the day or night.......I want to be seen !!

  17. I'm tempted to just buy a set of lights with a generator and just hook up the white wire to them instead... would that be a waste of money?
  18. That will work since the generators are 6 volt and 3 watt set-ups they pull just the right amount of amps not to kill the engine. I used the same bulbs and put them in different housings and it works great. Put in an off switch for starting and warming it up then flip on the lights and go.
  19. Awesome thanks for the lights tip... I remember my first generator when I was a kid and those lights weren't very bright. Know any way to upgrade? I can hack things a little...
  20. I also run a secondary light system off of a 12 volt rechargeable battery pack I use 2 head lights one 6 volt 2.3 watt and a 12 volt 55 watt and have both tail light bulbs inside one Maltese Cross tail light. You can also hook a loud horn to a 12 volt system. I use the 6 volt for daylight and twilight running and also as a back-up if I run the battery down.