Motor-Assisted Bike Riders in Vermont

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    We have a problem. A serious problem.
    There is a case before the district court in Rutland County that will effect all motorized bike riders throughout the state. The State prosecution is attempting to use the District Court and a judge to define motor-assisted bicycles as "motor vehicles". This is wrong. It is up to our State Legislature to enact laws through a process that requires public meetings, public review and input. Part of that process includes creating definitions of things that a law or statute will apply to. The State Legislature has not done this with motor-assisted bicycles so the prosecution is attempting to unlawfully bypass that legislative process and use the court to jam motor-assisted bicycles under the general definition of "motor vehicle" so that they can control them.

    If they are allowed to get away with this, the state will be able to use this one case to build a foundation with which they can and will enforce prosecution of people for no good reason. This is a landmark case for all of us and will effect all of us throughout the state forever or unless we can get the legislature to enact a change in the motor vehicle code that includes our bikes.

    I have a good dedicated attorney who believes that what they are doing is wrong and will fight this to the bitter end. He understands how important this case is to us.

    We need your help. We need information. If we can show the court how many people this will have an effect on it will make a huge difference. It will prove our point that the effects will amount to the state prosecutor and the court being used to legislate from the bench.

    If you ride a motor-assisted bicycle, if you build motor-assisted bikes, if you are in business related to motor-assisted bikes, please help us help you.

    We need a letter from you. What we need to know: where you live, how long you have had your motor-assisted bike and how long you have been riding it, what you use it for, a meaningful statement about why you need it to get around and how important it is in your daily life and finally, whether or not you have a disability, whether or not you have a valid drivers license, if and when you have been seen by your local police, if you have been stopped, questioned or any interaction at all or been ticketed or received any criminal citations. Please include a phone number. I will print the letters I receive and give them to my attorney who will present them in court.

    If you want to help in any way or get involved in the outcome of this case, please let us know.