bike build

a M-B.c bicycle? if that was my choice to make, i would opt for a one-off classic theme & this is what i would build:

take a classic 26" cruiser frame & put a traditional briggs & stratton 5hp minibike engine right where it belongs. rake it, triple-tree springer. cruiser bars with a >windshield<

worksman clinchers, single speed freewheel, drum brakes. big round blackwalls stuffed under full-skirt fenders. full chainguards both sides. sink a big ole cop's saddle in there somewhere. split the exhaust into two pipes, then twist them around each other in a straight line all the way back, down low, rejoin 'em for a single turndown.

a fully functional "it'll run forever" build...a tank, just an old chopped and channeled plymouth on two wheels. paint it deep purple, i think, with gray smoky flames just under the surface and barely visible light blue waves under the smoke.

wow. that was fun, i had to keep editing & editing... 8)
Dave, did you buy the IRide Vader? I know Dan and Richard have had it for sale for awhile now...Kelly
personally, i like the "less is more" approach. the bike in the second pic you posted, looks a bit cluttered to me. not that it's a bad bike, but it just doesn't appeal to me. i like nice smooth flowing lines and hidden wiring etc. if you are wanting to build a show bike, i like the bike in the 3rd pic best. nice lines and not a bunch of stuff bolted on it sticking out everywhere. it's all about aesthetics when it come to building something like that.
I kinda like this, though he told me the logistics of getting it right were a nightmare...




He fired it up for me at the Portland, Indiana VMBC meet; I was standing 5 feet away and the ground was vibrating from it!
On the dyno it did 71.3 M.P.H.!!!
Not bad for a Whizzer!!!
It's two vintage Whizzer 300's hooked in tandem using a Cushman truckster flex coupler, routed through an Albion three speed tranny.
Cool Beans!