Motor Bike Junk Yard Visits ?


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Jun 15, 2008
up top mountain -- Sourthern Ca.
ok - it has been a while since I visited a motor cycle junk yard --

I am thinking that there may be some TRUE FINDS THERE !!!

kids get hold of old motor bikes -- dump them -- they end up in junk yards.

pooolice pick them up -- taken to junk yards.

and many times a junk yard can help to attain a new title.

any body visited a motor cycle -- motor bike junk yard lately ???

Ride That Thing Mountainman
I visited a junkyard w/a motorcycle section, and there weren't any motored bikes there, but there were some real classic mopeds. There was a beautiful fixer upper of an old honda ss50, and an old puch and a couple of old Yamaha's.
a guy at my work that has a MB went to wreckers and picked up a moped for 50 bucks, front end totaled.

He took the seat and lights from it and attached to bike. So now he has a full length moped seat and taillight setup.

also, i hear that the air filters off mopeds are a good way to go.
Heaps of bike wreckers here in Oz.
As mentioned, good place for seats, lights and air filters.
Some pretty good tanks, too, and if you're lucky, nice little Mikuni or Keihin carbs..

... Steve
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