Motor bike newbie. Finished first build

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Reaper, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. Reaper

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    Just wanted to introduce myself. I finished my first build about a month or so ago. Have found a lot of valuable information on your forum. Have corrected some flaws in my build from the valuable information contained in your threads. Have got several hours of great bike time in after my build by have run into a couple of problems. Hopefully got a handle on a new electrical problem found from the wisdom of the veteran posters here. Thanks for all the contributors here, it definitely helps all of us noobs.

  2. steveanson

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    Reaper, what kit did you use? I'm new to this forum, and undecided which kit to buy. It seems prices vary considerably...
  3. Reaper

    Reaper New Member

    I bought a 66cc/80cc black 2 stroke kit from I've been pretty happy with it. Came in good shape and the shipping was fairly quick from Cali to Ohio. And your definitely right, prices do vary greatly. Whether you buy from a larger vendor or ebay or whatever place, shipping is a consideration and also quality and customer service. Anyhow the market is wide open so take your time and look around, check out reviews if they're available.
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