Motor bike newbie...took my first ride today!


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Jul 31, 2017
Ok - Hello small motor enthusiasts. I bought an 80cc(?) motor kit on amazon, and installed it on my huffy 15 speed road/mountain bike. The throttle cable was 12"-16" too long, and to boot, the end in the handle broke off on the first ride. Apparently I have an adjustment off because the motor pushes the bike to ~~~40mph with no cable control! Can I adjust the throttle cable pull on the carb with the nutted sleeve the cable goes through? (where the cable housing stops) When I manually grab the cable and pull, there is some travel in the carb.
What I need is a quality throttle grip and custom length cable. Short and shallow searches of Amazon and Fleabay have been disappointing. I found this forum, did a few searches and then browsed a bit.
If anyone can help I am sure they are on this forum...../.
Thanks in advance


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Jul 23, 2012
I'm guessing you just installed it wrong. Take carb off motor, install standard cable, and look at slide while you turn throttle - it should move easily and you'll see it go all the way up and make a click when it hits bottom.

note: there are two adjusters to take out excess slack
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