Motor-biking in the NYC

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    Hi everyone! First of all am happy to find a forum about motorized bicycles because I wanted to know more ways to upgrade my two wheels. Second, I have been running into some major problems with my build and will post up the problems in the right place (right after this) . Last, I wanted to find people around me that do the same thing! At the moment, am going to college and taken care of older members of my family and my social life has been second. I started my project (building a motor-bicycle) as a way to get to college without the use of local trains (faster in my opinion).

    Just for a "side-note" my user name is Dark-sick-ness like the black death, goggle it. Also I have looked at some of your custom builds and I can only be in amazement. Hope to make lots of friends while am here and connections.

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    what up and welcome. Well these MB's can consume a lot of time and tweeking needed but way worth it. Tell grandma your gonna be busy for a few months. Ha haha ha. It's all good welcome.
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    Welcome to MBc!

    Just to let you know, definitely investigate the legality of motorized bikes in NY, especially NYC - from what I have heard, they are illegal.
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    From what I seen around were I live and walks to school, they are legal. I looked it up and its says it's counted as "motor-assisted" under Section 2268 on NYC law. I should have said in my intro am taken criminal justice as my major.... Anyway, thanks for the concern DuctTapedGoat
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    Check the search archive here on NY legislation. There are a number of NYers I've seen posting here, maybe they'll chime in but as I recall the NY laws are not very friendly to motorized gas bikes.
  6. dark6ness

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    Well there (police) is not very friendly to Anyone biking in the city. The harassment of the NYPD go's on.... If your on motorcycle,bike or gas powered bike there going to try, but they can only try.
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    Welcome to the forum. From what I have read from other New Yorkers, you may be better off with an electric assist bike so you can avoid issues with the police.