Motor Biking LARGE FILIPINO - tribute


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Jun 15, 2008
up top mountain -- Sourthern Ca.
Motor Biking - Large Filipino

There's a motor biking man
really big guy
problem - help you if he can
let him know - give him a try

see him riding down the trail
nice to everyone
doesn't raise _ell
little motor does run

so sweet to the ear
everyone's amazed
no need to fear
Large isn't dazed

keeping to his plan
motor bike in hand
Large is the man
many understand

he wants to help you out
make your motor run strong
that's what it's all about
he helps you ride along

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The Large Filipino MB rider - after reading this -------- tribute it's called
may be feeling a little shy - understandable - go easy
given some time - he will be back around...

Happy Riding from - Mountainman
HAHA!! Thanks man! You made my day,really.
I had a bit of a stressful day this morning but then papausaun and his brother showed up with the improvements to his brother's bike so sweet. Pics later.
Yesterday because I felt like it I had some extra bread and cold cuts so I made 20 lunches and passed them out to the homeless on the trail on my way to dropping off my paperwork. Then I stopped at a friends house with a burned copy of a movie he's been wanting to watch. Then I rode thru downtown and had lunch at the Denver Skate park. kids were like giving me props on the bike. I decided not to take any film yesterday for I would feel rather weird filming me giving a lunch to a homeless guy so I let it go. Even though only one gave me a nod and the rest had this attitude like "You should have been here yesterday" it wasn't about that.
Actually,I don't know what it was about.
Ah heck. It's just sad to see all them make shift blanket homes.
Thanks Mountainman. YOU RULE!!!
Glad to hear that wasn't a memorial tribute. Love the approach in how you help the homeless. We occasionally do the same in lieu of giving money which is too risky given that many have alcohol problems.
Too cool!

No mention of lumpia, pansit or balut??!!
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I'm glad this is not an actual "memorial" tribute.

I try to be a nice guy. And I'm pretty successful. But every now and then I'll run into someone who's got me beat; someone who does not seem to be prone to the "small-mindedness" that I sometimes descend into. I try to use these folks as guides to lead me to where I want to be. Large Fillipino has always seemed to be one of them.
If he didn't live so far away, I would certainly try to make friends with him in person.

(And hello to Large Fil. Definitely glad to see that you are in a position to answer this thread.)

I'll throw out something else for consideration. I don't often have money to spare for panhandlers. But I'll give out a bit from time to time. And when I do I don't care if they're going to buy booze with it. If that's what they are craving to make their day a bit brighter, then I don't want to deny it to them. Whether they "ought" to have it or not is for them to decide.