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  1. Ixlr8

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    with all due respect to this forum and those who visit or post here, This is a FYI that may be interesting to I pose this question. china motor or engine?

    by definition

    * A motor converts electricity or other forms of kinetic energy into a mechanical motion *

    * An engine is a mechanical device that uses a fuel source to create an output *

    so taking this information it would point out that every time we use the word motor to describe the china, we are mistaken...INFACT...the name of this forum is in itself a be correct it should be

    Just some food for thought, thanks for reading

  2. Al.Fisherman

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    That is why I use engine in my posts about HT's...If I'm posting a electric, I use motor. We (in general) have listen to many that don't know the difference..go into a auto parts store and order something like a power steering pump, and one of the first questions they ask "what motor size do you have?" But hey...we know what they are talking about... Add HOT WATER HEATER to your list.
  3. srdavo

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    Why aren't motorcycles called enginecycles?

    How about an enginized bicycle?

    We drive on the parkway & park in the driveway.

    Aint life grand!!
  4. Stan4d

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    FYI early jets were also called rockets. Motor and engine is accepted in common language to be interchangeable. Do you use 10w30 in your electric motor?

    Really not a good subject to show intellectual superiority.:jester::grin5::cool:
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  5. Ixlr8

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    LOL in a good way guys..and truly I never really questioned the fact that everyone calls motorcycles and no enginecycles. as stated in the above thread...LOL I guess we are all off track at sometime or another....great points gentleman.
  6. bluegoatwoods

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    I was under the impression that "motor" was proper for both combustion engines and electric motors.

    But maybe that's just "slang" grammar.

    Still, if someone speaks of an internal combustion engine as a "motor", it doesn't seem un-natural at all.
  7. Ixlr8

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    Stan4d...why would you say something like that..."it was not a post to show superior intelligence"..exactly how would that accomplish this?..its only a thought, pure and simple...mellow out and stop with the insults..I thought this was a forum to express ideas and exchange them. it was just a fleeting thought. And as such should not be sensored or remarked to on the level you did. And I love the USA for this right..I mean geesh if this is all it takes to be superior then it would be great!..I meant no insult to you as a moderator or to the forum..why would you take it as such?..I'm sincere about this question. but since you bring it up, I am considered to be very intelligent and my confidence reflects that...any topics you wish to discuss I would enjoy being a part of it..again no ..well I have no idea why you would say that...thanks for reading gentleman
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  8. Ixlr8

    Ixlr8 Member are right and I agree with is a slang term for sure, in fact I use it that way all the time..just was sitting here thinking and decided to google it. As I stated in my intro..I'm a x professional tinkerer of sorts..I never stop thinking. Even about stupid things. That is also the reason that I always have migraines. thanks for your input.
  9. Stan4d

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    Please quote the direct insult.

    As far as a topic for discussion, how about the difference between a happy time and a china girl?:detective:
  10. Ixlr8

    Ixlr8 Member

    geesh ..what I said " mellow out" I think can differently be misconstrued I truly meant it in a friendly way...As I have already said my english an mastery of it are sorely lacking apologies if it was taken that way, thanks gentleman for reading
  11. Ixlr8

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    simple as far as I see it, they both are generic terms for the same thing. engines/motors from china. seems straight forward to me. oh, when I say engines/motors from china I am referring to the powerplant for bicycle power.
    Since it seems to, for some reason unpronounced to me,,upset some when I say engine. I will refrain on that and follow the norm set here..for now on motors like the rest of you want..thanks for reading
  12. Ixlr8

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    And to quote the insult ""Really not a good subject to show intellectual superiority"" why would you take it as such? do you get this from such a lame fleeting no important post that I made?..rather seems silly to me..You asked and I'm informing you. thanks for the question...and if possible could you further explain how you see it this way or why you would even go there???I sincerely don't know what speared this. I don't think that every post here should be misconstrued as an attempt to show " superior intellect" If I wished to show that,,or even could.LOL I certainty would not pick a subject like this nor do I ever mean to make anybody insecure about anything. I hope that came out right. sorry if it didn't.
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  13. Stan4d

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    I apologize that you took a generic statement I made and claimed it for yourself. I did not realize a humorous comment about a discussion that will send everyone to their dictionaries would affect you that way.
  14. Al.Fisherman

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    I sure didn't take it seriously, had I did I'd never responded here. Maybe in a PM????

    Come to think about it, I guess you were PC, unlike me and upon a member complaining I had to change my signature, then again it might of been on the other bike site.
  15. Ixlr8

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    stan4d..I was taught that a statement like that should be followed by a smiley face or something like LOL..if not how does anybody know how it was meant? And I seriously doubt that most took it as a joke, . On the internet and in email or direct messaging it is so easy to misunderstand the meaning of things said or how they are intended to be said and understood, this is a big draw back to not be communicating in person. all the intent and emotions are lost...but hey, lets just forget about big deal in the long run. and I want to thank you for allowing me to express what I feel, I do understand that total feelings should not be exposed here in the forum. But, then again, it is a friendly place to share ideas,and we are after all still human..I do thank you for your time..thanks gentleman for reading
  16. Ixlr8

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    hi, fisherman. I do appreciate your input..and now to show how ignorant I can be.LOL..what does pc mean?..I hope that isn't too stupid of me to ask? is that an internet term I''m not familiar with.
  17. Ixlr8

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    humm. just reread your last message and I do more then appreciate the apology...and I'm sure its me no doubt but it did come across rather double edged sword .If I may put it that way. And in all retrospect I probably should of used pms instead of placing this directly into the forums. Had I been approached this way I would have done so ..gentleman I'm still learning proper Etiquette when corresponding in the forums..So far I have only to go on what I see..thanks for reading and will take more notice of my future posts with this forum.
    P.S..had I any idea of this post causing so much controversy I would of never made really was only meant as a food for thought posting nothing more.
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  18. Stan4d

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    There, I fixed it just for you.:devilish: I agree it is time to move on.
  19. Ixlr8

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    thanks for fixing it for me and being so cordial about it. Look forward to seeing you in the forums! And hope you have a great day..oops didn't look at the clock..night..sorry I tend to loose time
  20. Stan4d

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    I am not sure I trust you as a dictionary.:jester::jester::jester:

    From Merriam Webster (

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