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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bsmith95610, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. bsmith95610

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    Hello all I'm new to the forums and was thinking about getting a motor kit and a bike sometime soon. I live in California and have read that some companies don't like shipping motors to California. I found the below websites and was looking at the motor kits. Does anyone have any experience with any of these companies? If so any recommendations for or against their engine kits?

  2. Purple Haze

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    These kits are pretty much all the same, if the Flying Horse kit really does have Japanese bearings and upgraded bolts, that makes it well worth the price, plus it appears to have the gear puller tool included, some of the cheaper kits don't. That being said, you are still getting a kit that is built down to a low price. Expect to replace the fuel line, sparkplug and plug wire, and those crappy electrical connectors. Welcome to the forums, if you have some mechanical ability and infinite patience, these things can be a real blast to ride around on. Just don't expect it to have Honda-like reliability with stock parts.
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  3. darwin

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    Don't know if this vendor will or not, call and ask. might pay a little more but you get what you pay for.
  4. piecepatrol99

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    I've been waiting for over two months to hear from Dax re: either the friction or chain drive rear engine mounts. He's been out of stock and not responding to email o_O
    Hope he's ok. I'm also waiting for more brass fuel valves to come in...
  5. piecepatrol99

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    I've dealt with Kings. Ordered parts from them. Everything worked as it should and they've lasted longer than the stock pieces they replaced.
    I have no complaints except that they don't carry everything I'm looking for...

    Then again, I'm the smart alec that uses things for other than their described purpose. When in doubt...
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  6. darwin

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    Piece have you tried calling in 2 months instead of waiting on an email? Dax/Duane usually answers the phone unless you **** him off.
  7. piecepatrol99

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    I must have ****ed everyone one is answering.

    I guess I'm too technical, combine that with I don't usually ask a question without having an idea what the answer is vs might be...mechanics don't like me very much. Lmbo

    Though the only person I had a problem with I caught in a lie. A shame he lost a customer after only one sale.
  8. MotorBicycleRacing

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    If you live anywhere close to Orange County my biased answer would be me! lol

    $169.99 for a 69 cc motor and kit with great kit parts plus I stock all the parts and accessories.
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  9. RollingStones

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    I craigslisted mine brand new motor for $185 from a guy in Van Nuys. picked it up and set up my bike the same day.

    Not sure where you're at but definitely give CL a look.
  10. piecepatrol99

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    I'll give him a shout Wednesday. The motor mounts were for an electric kit idea I have. I've shelved that will I get the bugs out of a jackshafted set up with bumpstart capabililty.