Motor for Schwinn Grey Ghost??

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Set Ramses, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. Set Ramses

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    Hey, I have a Schwinn Grey Ghost repro and I'm about to start on my first build- but I'm not sure which motor will fit the frame. The frame looks to have the same dimensions as the Schwinn Stingray- which I've seen motorized. I'd appreciate any feedback and recommendations, Thanks!

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    I would certainly have thought that the Sting Ray frame would be too small. But maybe not.

    Anyway, I recently saw a good suggestion for determining if a frame would accept a china girl engine.

    Cut a 16 inch piece of string. Hold one end of it in the top of your bottom bracket and string it up the seat tube then rotate this string over to the down tube.

    If the end of the string doesn't contact the frame at any point, then a china girl will fit.
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  3. k-wad

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    I've been planning on motorizing a vintage style Stingray for years now. I think it would be a blast to ride!!
    One problem I've run across is finding a suitable frame.

    The vintage frames have just enough clearance for the little Chinese two stroke motors if using an offset intake manifold. However, all the new frames I keep finding are sold as "Low-Riders", and have different dimensions than the vintage Schwinn's.
    Specifically, the "Low-Rider" frames are shorter between the bottom bracket and the top-tube (I guess to give them more clearance when using those gawd-awful bent forks :ack2:).
    I tried mounting a motor in a low-rider frame, but, it would have required removing the two cantilever bars to make room for the motor (I was using a 66cc from King's Motorbikes).

    I'd get an original Schwinn frame, but, the money they want for one is getting outrageous.
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    I have seen them on the forum. It's not easy, but looks great.
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  6. Set Ramses

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    Thanks for the feedback! So, I thought the Grey Ghost had the same frame as the Stingray- looks similar to the yellow one above, but I'm unsure. I measured it and it seems to have about 10"-11" in the teardrop where the engine would fit... Is that space enough? Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 6.42.39 PM.jpg

  7. wheelbender6

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    Your Grey Ghost frame is likely identical to the classic stingray. Do you think your Grey Ghost clone will increase in value?
    I know the originals are worth far more, but the replicas are still somewhat rare. Schwinn doesn't produce them every year.
    If I motorized a 20inch bike, I planned to buy a low cost frame from one of the low rider vendors.
  8. Set Ramses

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    That's definitely something to think about. Once a bike is built up with an engine is it fairly easy to pull the engine and put it on another bike frame? Thanks
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    It is pretty easy to transfer the engine to a different suitable bike. However, there will always be visible evidence on the first bike that a motor kit had been installed at one time. The engine mounts, chain guide and other parts will leave scratches on the frame after removal, no matter how proficient and careful you are.