Sprockets Motor gear sprocket question???

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    Have been playing with the gear ratio chart and finally understand it now have a question. I guess the typical motor sprocket is 11 T. On my first try, I had the chain jumpoff doing a lot of damage, and destroy that sprocket. So I ordered a new one and replaced it. Found out by looking around on the Internet that there are 10 T and 11 T sprockets out there? Not even sure what I put on, if it's 10 or 11, will check.

    Was wondering, if there is any 12 T or 13 T sprockets available for the typical Chinese motor? Thank you all for your help and consideration, sincerely John :(:detective::grenade4::dunce::idea::eek:o2ps:

  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    The Chinese 50 cc and 66 cc motors only use a 10 tooth sprocket.

    No one sells an 11 tooth or ever has.

    There are no other sizes available and anything over 11 teeth would
    be too big as there is no room for a larger sprocket.

    I remember someone, 4 easy? making a custom 11 tooth once.
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    I want an 8 tooth sprocket, so i can load another 120 lbs into my bicycle trailer.