Motor, HP parts, custom tank, ect. for sale

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    Hey guys,

    I was engineering student at the UW and have now graduated... During my last semester i build a custom bike for a build off with some of the other engineering students. I have 4 miles on the bike and the parts, the bike is an amazing piece and was the most powerful motorized bike i had ever built. I have moved on now to building bigger bikes, and while I will always have a place for motorized bicycles, this piece is just covered with a dust sheet in my shop and collecting dust. I am now parting it out and have the parts for sale.

    66cc Grubee motor w/ cdi 7mm spark plug wire and champion plug
    $80+ ship
    sick bike parts chrome expansion chamber
    $60+ ship
    custom intake w/ 34mm mikuni carb jetted for the 66cc motor (huge power adder with the expansion chamber)
    26" chrome fenders
    $15+ ship
    Custom fiberglass bobber tank 1.5 gallon
    $55+ ship
    standard carb
    custom lever arm chain tensioner
    24" rear HD bontrager rim with 2.25" chopper tire
    Sprockets 44 tooth, 38 tooth(chrome), 32 tooth
    $5 ea. + ship

    My # is 608-214-8706 if you have any questions

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    Yeah i figured I was gonna get that. I am working on getting a way of putting them in all one place so i can post a link to look at everything. I am working on it though. Any requests as to where to put them since i am still shrinking all the photo sizes.
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    usually when I post photos, I post them to my facebook page and then link to them in a post with "[ img ] image location here.html [/ img ]". You do have to have a certain number of posts before posting pictures will work... I don't know how many posts, ten or more I think...
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    We'd rather everyone loaded their pics as described here