Motor-Kits Low As $170 shipping Included offer As well

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  1. complete two stroke Motor-Kits Low As $170 shipping Included offer As well

    Hello All

    I Have been asked Many times For bulk buy discounts so If you Buy 5 standard 80cc ( more like 70cc) kits or more the price is $170 each Plus shipping (Been Averaging around $23).

    Pickups are welcome .
    And for Each bulk buy you get FREE Tank stickers And A FREE Tee-Shirt.

    We also did our best to combine A Low priced Complete 80cc Motor-Kit with shipping Included For $199

    standard 48 states.

    You Get A Complete 80cc Standard Silver Motor-kit with shipping .Free Tank stickers totaled
    When paying with Postal Money orders

    Please add 3% more for Paypal fees If chosen for method of payment.

    If your Interested Please Give Us a call So we may Grab some Info And Pull a motor Aside Until payment has cleared.

    We are doing our best to bring these Kits down in price.
    And i do believe it's working.

    Thanks Everyone.




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  2. crazeehorse

    crazeehorse Member

    do you have any of the limited edition kits now ?
  3. Limited kits are scheduled In 2 two three weeks.
    And you know i hate Taking Your money and Making you wait 2 to three weeks.
    As anything could happen in two to three weeks.:shock:




  4. mojo6911

    mojo6911 New Member

    Got any in black? That is $199 shipped for the kit, right? So $205 if I send paypal?
  5. Hi Mojo.


    Even If you where having a epileptic fit You could paint the Motor kit black 100 times better yourself then the Manufacture Trust me !!..
    I wasn't all to happy with black paint over the Muffler etc.

    $205 Seems Fare to me .

    And what the HAY.

    i will throw in a Tee shirt for you to boot.( while I still have them)
    Black ,Grey,White,
    Hope this Helps Mojo




  6. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    I know one guy who should get that T-Shirt for free in 2XL.
  7. Esteban

    Esteban Active Member

    In your post, you have stated 3 times that your kits are " 80cc !" Is that true ?? I didn't know there were any 80cc's ???
  8. I call them so-called .
    In the past six years with the motors I have yet to see a True 80cc motor kit.

    In almost every previous thread
    I Have called The Kits So-called 80cc.
    Many Call And Ask And I have always done my best to educate them by explaining The Manufacture Like to over excaudate the cc's



  9. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    Maybe you can answer my question- I'm a uniter, not a divider and I suspect that the 80cc that is widely used is the capacity of the cylinder, not the displacement. Cylinder capacity includes not only the swept area (borexstroke), but the volume of the combustion chamber as well. If the combustion chamber is enough to "justify" rounding up to 80ccs, that is probably it.

    It is likely a wording issue- use of the term "displacement" rather than "capacity" and some people thinking the terms are equivalent (not you, Blue, but others including wholesalers).

    Back to the question- what is the volume of the combustion chamber?
  10. I have never done a True CC test on the combustion chamber?
    Anyone ??
    I would like to know as well



  11. astring

    astring Member

    the 80 cc thing is a drawback to me (48cc and smaller are legal in AZ).
  12. TwoWalks

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    Bob, does this thread mean the kits are now in? If so, should I call in the A.M. or wait by the phone for a call? :grin:
  13. We received a few Items

    But most will be here On Monday And Tuesday.
    Me and the guys are heading out to sea for destination ( Block Island RI ) So my better half and Grandpa Rick are taking care of Business.
    I'm doing my best to get everything out of the way before I go.
    .Carmen ( my wife) kicks azz When it comes to Orders and shipments. ( she gets the extra $ anyways) and she truly Deserves it .
    I believe your all set.
    If she doesn't give you a ring By Tuesday Do me a favor and Drop her a line. 860-673-6457

    She has A MESS of orders,
    she normally goes thu each and every One of them and calls before she ships.

    She's pretty Thorough In every aspect.
    hope all is well




  14. TwoWalks

    TwoWalks Member

    Bob enjoy the trip and I will talk to you when you get back. Mean time I will wait for a call from the brains of the operation. :smile:
  15. Hi Guys.

    I'm off to the Block For a Mini Vacation.:grin:
    If you wish too Order a kit Please Give Carmen ( my wife) or Grampa Rick A Call.860-673-6457.

    I'm trying to make everything as simple as possible ( as she 's holding the show alone) the Standard so called 80cc is $199.00 with free shipping.

    Postal money order or bank check total would be 199.00 total.
    Paypay payment total would be 205.00

    Please call Carmen or Grandpa Rick to confirm your order.
    for this limited time .

    everyone gets a FREE T-shirt and tank stickers with your order !!:shock:

    (while supplies last)... Please mention this add to my wife.


  16. TwoWalks

    TwoWalks Member

    I wish you had defined how long a Mini Vacation is. :smile:
  17. hehehe.:grin:


  18. TwoWalks

    TwoWalks Member

    Welcome back Bob: I heard you had so much fun that you are going back for another "Mini-Vacation".
  19. Thanks Twowalks.
    Yes that was the plan But Due to bad weather no dice.
    I'll now be staying home Filling a request from my two Younger boys by camping Out in my back yard.
    I don't know if my Back is going to like it.
    ( but a dad's got ta do What a dad's got ta do ).

    Also We have another Huge Shipment Of Motor kits coming in and i don't want to push it with the better Half.
    She did a GREAT job with all the orders and shipments And i have a felling if i left she would not be very happy when i got back.
    I think i better stop at the flower shop tomorrow as well.LOL:grin:



  20. TwoWalks

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    Bob just went camping with a group for 4 days, my back is killing me and my leg is totally torn up from smacking into a bench during the night. Like you said "a Dad has to do what a Dad has to do."

    It is a smart man that knows the fastest way to purchase flowers :smile:. Carmen did a job well above and beyond :grin: