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Jun 21, 2008
Hey everyone. I bought a Moon dog today and am ready to order the motor. I am getting the 2 stroke in frame kit. My state has a 50cc law. From what I've seen the motors aren't marked and I could use the power of the 70 cc motor. Are they marked and if not can someone who is not familiar with them figure out the difference?
hi; no markings. also be sure you are getting the cc you want. 80s arent 80cc, 70s arent 70cc and so on. the only motors i know of that are in fact what is proffered are robin-subaru, honda and tanaka. there might be more.
Thanks for the info. I've heard that about the cc size before. I just don't want the fuzz to get bent out of shape.
Thanks again
I have a boygofast 70 that really freaking moves. I also had a 48cc slant head that was much slower.

If a cop can tell the difference you should accept the ticket and congratulate him on his research. Or fight him and say he doesn't know what he's talking about and you demand an engine teardown and rebuild with certified engineer's report on bore x stroke at the state's expense.

Wear a helmet and act responsibly and the extra cc's won't be an issue.
Thanks eljefino.
I know most of the cops in the area as I work for a couple fire depts., but there are always a couple super cops who think they know it all. I'll put a 49CC decal on it and they won't have a clue. I just bought the 70CC model so Here's to cheap transportation!
Thanks again!
they won't get bent out of shape until they have the proper pictures and specifications, so they know what they're looking at...

cops can read, too ;)

there are plenty of legal options.