motor mount for schwinn chopper!


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7:50 PM
Jan 18, 2008
Sydney, Australia
hi guys, im a newb to forums and motors, after reading a few threads on this site i decided to buy a motor kit off ebay (48cc). now its in my hands and i plan to put it on my schwinn chopper, my main problem is mounting the engine, i looked into importing a mount from ebay (U.S) i am in Australia and no one here makes and sells any and it would cost too much in shipping just for one motor mount!. so any ideas on how to mount the engine to bike would be great!.


hey i personally think the mount is well worth it because he givs detailed instructions and the mount has tons of room for adjustment. plus with the mount there is noo need for the with shipping 100 bucks hub. you could try to dupelicate it, but you would have to get measurements, and my shed is frozen shut, its -5 but i did a slide show and in that slideshow i show the engine and the chain (behind it) and i did lots ov closeups in vids