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    I have a few questions regarding the mounting plate included in the HS 50cc kits. I'm getting the 7G kit. I need to know the measurements of that mounting plate and how far it can extend. I want to mount a 4 stroke on an Electra cruiser but I noticed it has an unusually long frame where the engine is supposed to go for a beach cruiser. But it is more comfortable than most of the 26 beach cruisers I've tried that fit 4 stroke motors. It fits my height perfectly with the seat down. I really want to mount it to this bike but I want to make sure It will fit before spending a little over $300 on the new bike.

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    Looking at the bottom from the tube notches all the way in, and all the way out.


    It's a crappy base plate, you have to get plate mounted and the tube connection tight, then pull the plate back off to mount the engine to it, then put it back on as you just can't get to the motor mount bolts once it's on the bike most of the time.

    It also only one bolt per side per mount opposed to two for each one like a 4G.

    If it's not long enough for your bike just another longer piece of channel steel and drill the holes.
    Or better yet just make your own with tabs at each end do can use muffler clamps to hold it to the bike and be able to adjust the engine on the plate even after it's on.

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    Thanks a bunch for the measurements KC! That will help me allot in my quest for my 4 stroke bike. To make things easier I might need to go with a different bike. I was thinking of the Schwinn sanctuary 7 speed. It's got V breaks on both wheels and a rear rack plus 7 speeds which will hep me with some of the steep hills in my area when in pedal mode. I was going to Walmart with some measuring tape to take measurements on one this week.
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    KC come clean, how many 7g kits did you buy @ $199 free ship?
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    Four kits, building the 3rd now similar to the above one, last one will most likely be a shifter.

    The 29" Micargi has a wide cavity so we extended the base to move the engine up and forward a little.

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    Looking at above pic right above, is the motor mounted to the left or right? If it's mounted to the left is it necessary to weld the plates? Seems like the 4 engine bolts would suffice alone. Of course welding them makes it a stronger install.
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    The engine is centered under the top bar and mounted to the 4 forward bolt holes, the back 2 engine bolt holes were just leftover from the second plate piece.