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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Timbone, Feb 4, 2015.

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    This Spring, I plan to get a better 2 stroke engine for my motorized bike. I keep experimenting and making improvements.

    It was warm enough today to get out and ride the bike today, and I did about 4 miles. Before, I tightened up my new motor mounts, adjusted the chain.

    It's been a while, so the motor was slow to start. But start she did, and I had a decent ride. I bought some latex tubing to use on the fuel line and that has been problematic. The tubing is jsut a tad too soft and, under power, the pressure causes it to impede fuel flow. This helpful in terms of learning the ways of the HT 2 stroke: if you are pedaling with a "purr" but no power, the motor is probably not getting fuel flow. I did a lot of testing in this condition - the exhaust was not hot.

    I improved the situation by placing a thin piece of stainless tubing inside the latex and the bike runs smoothly - it jsut won't go faster than 20mph. I have a fix for this: I scrounged a piece of 1/4" stainless tubing off of a trashed water heater. This will make the best fuel line ever!

    As for motor mounts: I want to make them as beefy as possible. Bombproof. Over the top strong. This can be done so many ways, but those 6mm studs, they are the weak spot. I have one motor mount bolt that fails repeatedly after many miles. It is a 1/4"-20 grade 8 bolt, but over time the vibrations of the engine will break it and always the same way. I could jump these two bolts up to 5/16" or even 3/8", but I think the problem would migrate to a new weak spot - like one of the motor studs. It's a dilemma.

    Saturday's forecast looks good for bike rides. I hope to change the fuel line out and get on down the road.