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    i have a schwinn delmar that has a fat lower tube.. and im trying to use a dax 80cc. any help on a front mount work around would be great. i think the bolts are to wide to drill holes for them.

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    Piece of 90 degree angle iron + U-bolt.
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    this is the way i mounted mine, get a U-bolt that fits around the tube and a piece of metal plate (shown in photos) drill the hole for the U-bolt and remove the studs from the front motor mount. drill holes in the metal plate to match where the studs came out of front motor mount and bolt the plate to the motor (bent it a little as shown in photos so it kinda curves with the frame) done by putting in vise and whacking it it with a hammer. the photos explain it better. good luck

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    man i wish i saw that link before i spent 5 hours making my own.. ill post what i came up with this week
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    Here's how I did mine. You need one additional engine front spacer block to reach the extra length to the gooseneck tube and then reverse one of the brackets and drill 9mm hole through centre of bracket and put a 8mm bolt right through your tube with a locknut on the end but another bracket on the front side of tube would help even more. I used long 6mm bolts to go through both engine spacer blocks into engine casing. It's a neat very secure fix held by single bolt through the alloy tube. The good thing about Hts is you soon have lots of spares because they blow up so quickly - hence the extra spacer block and extra brackets from previous engines.

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