motor mount repair?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by crackers, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. crackers

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    I drilled a hole through my frame as per instructions (thatsdax). Havent't had any problems yet but after reading serveral post's warning about the possiblity of the frame cracking or worse. I would like to change to a different mounting method before something go's wrong. I'm wondering if I can I have the hole's welded closed and ground smooth or will the heat cause more frame fatigue. Any ideas will be appreciated.

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    It depends on the frame. If you have a lower end bike, it is mild steel and you can weld it any way you want. Gas welding works well. If it is aluminum or exotic steel, you should TIG weld it. I don't know much about the more exotic frame materials so any welding may or may not weaken it. If it is exotic steel, and you just want a cosmetic repair, you may be able to braze the hole closed without affecting the remaining frame material hardness.
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  3. bootlegger

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    I had my frame crack in two without drilling any holes. I ended up making a rubber mount for the next frame and all is well so far.
    There are a few different ways listed on this forum to mount the engine.
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    Thanks guys, my frame is a steel Schwinn so sounds like I shouldn't have any problem welding the holes closed, thanks for the info.
    Any pic'c of the rubber mounts.
  5. RMWdave

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    i think hes referring to putting some rubber around the frame and the mounts over it.
    bicycle tube works well
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    I have a really large diameter front tube on my bike. I ground off the front mount of the engine block and fabricated another clamp which bolted to the new face. Between the face of the engine and the down tube I now have a thick square block rubber mount.
    I also wrapped the down tube with some 4mm thick rubber.
    I did this also on the back mount.
    The motor flexes around now and seems to be a lot smoother. Harley FXRs (rubber Glides) have a similar system. Hopefully I wont break another frame. I have no idea how to post pictures (im hopeless with that stuff).