Motor mounts didn't work !

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Motorbikemadman, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. Motorbikemadman

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    So as I tried to start my bike for the first time and it started jumping
    a little, my so called great idea for a motor mount failed letting the
    motor twist to the left and bringing me back to square one on the drawing board. I had an idea that the ones that came with my kit were cheesy and
    tried of beef them up on my own using a u-bolt design I came up with. I
    saw the head bolt bracket idea in the "noob must read" thread and I
    am thinking about trying that. Anyone have an outstanding motor mount idea for the typical 66cc china kit? Please help me out here.... I would appreciate any feedback from all who weigh in.... Thanks:annoyed:

  2. motorpsycho

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    what's the problem with the stock mounts?
    they work, so why try to "improve" something that's already proven to work good?
  3. Dave C

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    Well, not always. Like my frame. The seat post angle to the lower frame is way off from the intended mounting angle. I have broken two bolts so far but I'm thinking I may have it fixed for good. Starts with American made Metric grade 8 equivilant bolts to start with. And a buildup of epoxy putty to change the angle the mount clamp sees, so it's at the right angle to stop the motor from moving side to side under torque. Plus over the bolt for side shock absorbition there's a couple of pieces of fuel line slipped over the bolts. As there is no room for it I don't have the back cast motor mount, there's just no room. So I used more of the epoxy putty to make up a mount. Epoxied to the motor in a "U" to wrap the seat post frame.

    All of what I've done should stop the breaking of the back bolts under torque of acceleration...I hope :p