Motor not wanting to kack over all the way

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  1. I can't get my motor to start all the way up. I have did all I can think on getting it to fire up. It wants to whan I like ride it down a hill and the motor is like 1/2 started but well not fire all the way up here.
    So I got a new spark plug. It did not help in one bit. all I'm doing is floding the gas where its coming out of the carb. I had someone that works on weedeaters and he looked at the card and motor and he cant seem to see whats going on. So I made some phone calls to shops where thay work on mopeds and scooter and go cartd non of them 2 shops would work on it. I dont know why.

    The hole thing is that this bike was rideing nice and fest. I was loveing it now my next thing is to give up on it if I cant get it to work soon. I did all I can.I naver had bad luck with motors to I got this one.

    Any tips anyone.....

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    take the magneto cover off & look for signs of moisture, the very slightest bit kills it, pretty much instantly..."now it's running, now it's not."
  3. Check to make sure it is a no spark condition. It sounds like it is. Start with the simple checks first. I would look closely at kill switch & wire from kill switch to make sure not making contact with frame causing short. You could rule this out by disconnecting kill switch wire at engine. I would look at all the simple things first. Many times that seem catastrophic are not. Keep trying & don't get dissapointed. when it finally starts you'll feel good. Good luck!!!
  4. Thanks guys. I did not get to looking at the magneto cover off. But I well. I been out a lot today. And Likemyspoiler. I dont use the kill switch.. But I well look over the wires. That may be the cost of the hole thing..

    Update.. This motor dose like black oil a lot. I lowered the mix with the gas. So the plug is not oily but is black like it was on Fire.
  5. its to dirk outside to mass with this but whan the sun comes up and I well take the bike outside and look at it. Wish me luck Pls. I have non stop of bad luck LOL maybe its them black cats walking by me +P
  6. Now whan I take of the magneto cover. Well I need to buy a new seal.?
    Im a noob whan it comes to motors....
  7. If you are careful with the magneto cover you should be able to keep the gasket material intact. I had engine problems once, I did all the checks, make sure there is spark, make sure the carb is not clogged with hardened fuel, switched out the CDI and switched out the magneto. turned out the clutch was slipping and needed to be tightened!
  8. WOW !!! Good news here...
    I seen what was wrog here. the one new spark plug was no good at all I picked up a new one on monday... That was it. It was the spark plug. I keep chacking the bike out by starting time to time and gived it a long ride here to there. Well it runs like a deer..
    I'm useing a weedeater plug...

    But I want to thank you all for being here and pulling / walking me trougt this deal and thank you all for the good info.. Now I'm back on the road rideing like theres no time at all...

    And if I'm not back on soon. I want to wish you all a "Happy Thanksgiving to all" and I'm thinkful for being on this nice site and meeting good friends like you all who gived me the best info anyone can give...